Why Accreditation Matters


Accredited programs and universities offer qualified, credible education and opportunities.



California Intercontinental University is an accredited online university offering affordable, flexible education for students seeking advanced degrees from a credible secondary institution. Unlike online degree programs which are not accredited, CIU’s degrees offer individuals the opportunity to earn degrees online that equip them with the skills needed to pursue career opportunities in multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, business, information technology, and more.




What are the advantages of choosing an accredited university?


California Intercontinental University is an accredited university offering advanced degree programs that are flexible and affordable. There are many advantages to choosing an accredited university, including: 


Graduates of accredited programs can rest assured their education meets standard industry qualifications recognized by employers and other universities.

Quality Coursework

CIU students can have peace of mind knowing their accredited degree includes transferable credits as well as relevant, valuable knowledge for professionals.

Scholarships + Financial Aid

Grants and federal financial aid as well as many scholarships can only be applied to programs offered by accredited secondary education institutions. 


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