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The Air Force… Learn and Earn!

Hey I’m interested in Air Force education benefits, where do I find out more? Well, take a moment to read over this article and you’ll definitely be able to get a good grasp of the Air Force education benefits.

One of the main Air Force education benefits is provided through the Tuition Assistance program. Through the Tuition Assistance program, the Air Force will pay for 100 percent of your educational costs if you’re active duty airmen.

The Air Force is also home to the CCAF or the Community College of the Air Force, which is the only degree granting institution in the world that is dedicated solely to enlisted service members. So you’ll be receiving a military degree from a military university, nothing more official then that. If you’re interested in getting an online military degree at online military colleges, the CCAF can also help you with that. The Air Force is dedicated to providing airmen with all the educational tools they require to accomplish their academic goals.

Another part of the Air Force education benefits is the Service members Opportunity Colleges or SOC. The SOC colleges are there to help you as well as your family members to get the college degrees and certificates you want. You can take courses here during you’re off duty hours or if you’d like you can do it at many different military institutions across the United States and in oversea countries as well.

If you’ve taken out student loans in the past you haven’t been able to pay off yet, joining the Air Force and pursuing a military degree might just be the perfect option for you; because the Air Force will help you pay off up to $10,000 in student loans you have hanging over your head. If you’re interested in this program check it out it’s the Loan Repayment Program or LRP.

Another way to put a quick $2000 bucks into your pocket for your academic needs is through the General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program, which is a grant program sponsored by the Air Force Aid society. The grant can be applied for by full time active duty airmen or retired Air Force members. You can get more then $2000 from this grant program depending on your familie’s income and other educational cost factors that come into play.

So whether you’re in debt with student loans and are looking for a quick way out or you’re looking to acquire some serious skills from military colleges and from serving in the Air Force. Getting the Air Force education benefits is worth it for any young person interested in succeeding in their academic goals. So if you’ve been walking on the edge for a while, after reading this article you really have no excuse left. Get off your behind and go explore the world while learning great job skills and getting an education in whatever you would like to learn about.

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