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Online Graduate Degree Programs

At California Intercontinental University, our online graduate degree programs will expand and elevate your opportunities and skills in an existing career, or empower you to transition to your next career opportunity.

Why settle for only what past accomplishments can provide? Master’s and Doctoral degree programs in Business Administration with a variety of emphases will raise your skills to an elite level.

An optimal experience and a valuable, lasting education are the primary concerns of our faculty and staff. CALUNIVERSITY online graduate degree programs are specifically designed for you to learn at the speed of you and to complete without putting your life and career on hold or taking on a large amount of student loan debt.

Online Graduate Degree Programs Built for You

With classes available online 24 hours a day from anywhere with an Internet connection, CALUNIVERSITY master’s and doctoral degrees are, by their very nature, more convenient and flexible than those at traditional on-campus universities. Because graduate degree programs are available online, you can expand your horizons from anywhere in the world.

CALUNIVERSITY online graduate degree programs provide complex theoretical business philosophies and integrate them into real-world strategies and implementations through frequent curriculum updates, professional instruction and open communication between students and professors.

The university offers a high-quality, accredited and comprehensive course of study with minimal disruptions to your normal life.

A Higher Level of Skill for a Higher Level of Income

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Employees holding Master’s degrees enjoyed a weekly income more than 50 percent greater than the average American worker.
Doctoral degrees led to a weekly income nearly double that of the median wage!

From building your own company, to ascending the ladder within your current one, the right online graduate degree programs unlock doors at the highest levels of opportunity. All CALUNIVERSITY online graduate programs include degree courses designed to train you for leadership roles, such as strategic management and economics for decision making.

Master’s Degree Programs:

A CALUNIVERSITY Master’s in Business Administration online degree programs are offered in the following emphases:

Banking and Finance (BF)
Healthcare Management and Leadership (HCML)
International Management and Marketing (IMM)
Information Systems and Knowledge Management (ISKM)
Organizational Development and Human Resource Management (ODHRM)
Project and Quality Management (PQM)

Doctorate Degree Programs:

California Intercontinental University specializes in online doctoral degree programs in Business Administration. They are offered for the highest levels of expertise in numerous industries. The different DBA emphases include:

Entrepreneurship and Business Management (EBM)
Global Business and Leadership (GBL)
Healthcare Management and Leadership (HCML)
Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Management (ISERM)

Military Friendly School

Our graduate degree programs are available online, allowing personnel and their families access to quality instruction from anywhere in the world via an internet connection. California Intercontinental University offers flexible payment plans, and we participate in the Military Tuition Assistance (TA) program. As a military service member you may be eligible for education benefits.

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