Masters of Business Administration in International Management and Marketing

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in International Management and Marketing

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The Master of Business Administration in International Management and Marketing (MBAIMM) program is designed to prepare students for careers in the fields of international management consulting, managing multicultural and multinational workforce management, and provides a global perspective of business marketing. Students pursuing this specialization will focus on theories, practices, and ethics of leadership, risk management, global business management and marketing. Individuals with leadership inclinations and eager for a business venture will benefit from this specialization.

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Admission Requirements

  1. 1. Bachelors Degree or its Equivalent.
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae or Professional Resume.
  3. 3. Application for Admission.

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Course List

Course Number Course Name Credits
Semester 1
MKT 517 Marketing 3
MGT 517 Organizational Development 3
IST 530 Management Information Systems 3
Semester 2
ACC 501 Accounting 3
ECO 518 Economics for Decision Making 3
FIN 515 Entreprenurial Finance 3
Semester 3
MGT 553 Project Management for Professionals 3
MGT 545 Strategic Management and Competitive Globalization 3
FIN 512 or MGT 518 International Financial Management or Global Business Management 3
Semester 4
MKT 525 Integrated Retail Management 3
MKT 545 Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 3
MKT 558 Global Marketing Policy 3
Total Credits 36


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Description Fee
Masters Degree Tuition Per Credit $445
Total Cost Per Course Including E-Books $1,430
Total Program Cost $17,485

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