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Earning your associate degree first gives you a sense of accomplishment and a diploma to hang on your wall while you continue working toward your bachelor's degree, and no matter what your long-term goal may be, going for an associates now can give you a great jump start.

Doctor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Business Management Program

Earn a DBA and empower yourself for a great career in business.

The Value of a CALUNIVERSITY online DBA in Entrepreneurship and Business Management Degree

The outlook for small businesses is getting increasingly brighter as investors are beginning to assess less risk and see more opportunity in the entrepreneurial market.

With coursework focused in financing new ventures, case studies in global entrepreneurship, and small business management, the student will gain a firm grasp of the kinds of challenges that are faced daily by entrepreneurs and business leaders. These courses also train students to demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills for local and global business planning and decision-making. By learning how to navigate through a complex economy, graduates are well-versed in identifying business opportunities that create value and optimize return on investments.

Armed with the highest level of education and credentials for understanding what it takes for a business to succeed, the innovative and enterprising DBA graduate has what it takes to create positive growth for a company while overseeing structural systems and managing organizational change.

Doctoral graduates who specialize in entrepreneurship and business management are able to thrive in a startup environment or provide fresh insight into the inner-workings of an established corporation.

Credits required for degree completion: 60
Maximum transfer credits accepted: 9
Program length: 2 years
Cost per credit: $345
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Program Competencies and Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate mastery of content knowledge in specialized fields for a higher level of understanding for decision making in complex organizational environments.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills for local and global business planning and decision making.
  • Integrate knowledge across disciplines in the use of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies for business administration problem solving.
  • Identify and evaluate business issues and opportunities that enhance prospects for optimum return on investments and creating value.
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial mindset and skills for starting and growing new ventures.
  • Demonstrate creative research approaches to data collection, analysis, and synthesis for organizational effectiveness, change, and continuous improvement.
  • Demonstrate informational literacy and computational thinking for effective and efficient use of technology.
  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills for innovative and collaborative economic development.
  • Develop diverse teams and foster teamwork through effective techniques through human resource management.
  • Review business case studies and prepare theoretically-grounded arguments using peer-reviewed journals and appropriate scholarly writing styles.
Course Number Course Name Prerequisite Credits Core Major
Semester 1
GRC 600 Performing Online Applied Research through E-Learning* 3 3
GRC 605 Business Research Methodology & Quantitative Statistics 3 3
ECO 615 Global Economy 3 3
Semester 2
MGT 616 Organizational Change & Development in Mgt. System 3 3
MGT 626 Managing Innovation Integrating Technology 3 3
MKT 645 Qualitative Research in Consumer Behavior GRC 605 3 3
Semester 3
FIN 605 Financial Economics GRC 605 3 3
MKT 640 E-Commerce Models and its Applications MGT 626 3 3
MGT 635 Merger & Acquisition: Due Diligence Report MGT 616 3 3
Semester 4
MGT 645 Strategic Management: A Global Approach MGT 616 3 3
MGT 655  Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures FIN 605; MGT 635 3 3
MGT 657 Case Studies in Global Entrepreneurship MGT 645 3 3
Semester 5
MGT 660 Strategic Entrepreneurship MGT 645 3 3
MGT 662 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management MGT 660 3 3
MGT 665 Exploring Entrepreneurship and Economics ECO 615; MGT 660 3 3
Semester 6
GRC 641 Dissertation Introduction 3 3
GRC 642 Dissertation Literature Review 3 3
GRC 643 Dissertation Methodology 3 3
Semester 7
GRC 644 Dissertation Results and Findings 3 3
GRC 645 Dissertation Conclusions and Recommendations 3 3
Dissertation Presentation and Oral Defense
60 30 30

To fulfill this academic requirement, students must select  a Dissertation and receive approval from the Faculty and the Graduate Review Committee (GRC). Doctorate students are not allowed to submit or defend a dissertation until the candidacy stage of the degree program has been approved.


For the Doctoral Dissertation, student must complete 15 semester units of coursework ending with a Dissertation:

GRC 625 Dissertation Proposal; CCA 2
GRC 635 Dissertation, Presentation or Oral Defense; PR: GRC 625

Students must have successfully completed course GRC 605 – Business Research Methodology and Quantitative Statistics (3) in order to begin the  Dissertation, specifically the Dissertation Proposal (GRC 625). The  Dissertation must be selected, agreed upon, reviewed and approved by the Student Faculty Advisor (SAF) and the Graduate Review Committee (GRC). The requirements for the Dissertation include the final preparation, acceptance of the  Dissertation, and the candidate’s successful Presentation and Oral Defense, and submission of two bound copies of the  Dissertation for the candidate’s academic file.

Course Schedule

The Doctorate of Business Administration program requires the completion of 60 semester units of coursework that include:

Business Required Courses: 30 Units / 10 Courses
Elective Courses: 15 Units / 5 Courses
Dissertation: 14 Units
Competency Assessment: 1 Unit
Qualifying Exam

Admissions Requirements

In addition to the preliminary admissions requirements listed above, an applicant for the Professional Doctorate program must meet and submit the following admission prerequisites:

  1. A copy of the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae or professional resume
  2. Evidence of having minimally two or more years of full-time, occupational experience, preferably at a managerial level, related to the Business Administration field
  3. Official transcripts showing the completion of a Master’s degree from an approved or accredited college or university/institution. If the master’s degree was earned in a non-business related field, the Academic Department can evaluate the submitted documents to determine a reasonable foundation for the applicant to successfully complete the doctoral program.
  4. The applicant’s prior college academic records must show a minimal Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of B (3.0 on a scale of 4.0) grade or higher.

Graduation Requirements

The Doctorate Degree is conferred upon those who have fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. Successfully completed all required courses of the Doctorate curricula and have completed the minimal required Learning Time for each course and program
  2. Met the study time residency requirement for degree completion and award
  3. Achieved at least 3.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
  4. Successfully passed the Competency Assessment
  5. Successfully passed the Qualifying Examination
  6. Be cleared of all indebtedness and other obligations to CALUNIVERSITY
  7. Be recommended for graduation by the Faculty and Academic Department
  8. Successfully complete and pass an Oral Defense of the Dissertation
  9. Submission of two bound copies of the final Dissertation

Other Course Offerings

Doctorate of Business Administration
DBA – Global Business and Leadership
DBA – Healthcare Management and Leadership
DBA – Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Management

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