Doctorate of Business Administration in Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Management

Technology is changing the way businesses around the world operate. A DBA in Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Management can place you at the forefront of emerging trends and technology.

California Intercontinental University’s advanced online DBA programs are affordable, flexible, and credited. With curriculums designed to foster decision-making skills, improve analytical ability and strategic thinking, and process data beyond industry applications, our programs can prepare individuals for a variety of roles across multiple industries. Are you ready to pursue an advanced degree that can provide more job opportunities? Apply online today!


What can I expect from CIU’s online DBA program?


In today’s world, individuals with advanced training and degrees in technology may find more career opportunities in high-level management and consulting positions around the world. CIU’s online DBA program in Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Management is designed to equip you with the knowledge to further your career and play a role as a decision maker in information systems processing. The program prepares students for careers in information systems planning, development, and support, with a focus on:

  • Information technology

  • Systems and database management

  • Information security

  • Information systems

Along with a DBA, an Information Technology specialization prepares students to be decision makers, planners, and evaluators of information systems options, platforms, and performance. Individuals with experience in computers and information systems who are looking for a career in business management and consulting may also receive more credibility and recognition with a DBA.

Online DBA Program Admission Requirements


  1. Masters or 30 Graduate Credits

  2. Curriculum Vitae / Professional Resume

  3. Application for Admission

Online DBA Program Course Schedule



Course Number Course Name Credits
Semester 1
GRC 600 Doctoral Academic Study and Writing 3
GRC 605 Business Research Methodology and Quantitative Statistics 3
ECO 615 Global Economy 3
Semester 2
MGT 616 Organizational Change and Development in Management Systems 3
MGT 626 Managing Innovation Integrating Technology 3
MKT 645 Marketing Research in Consumer Behavior 3
Semester 3
FIN 605 Global Business Finance 3
MKT 640 E-Commerce Models and Applications 3
MGT 635 Merger and Acquisition: Due Diligence Report 3
Semester 4
MGT 645 Strategic Management: A Global Approach 3
IST 630 Information Technology in Organizations 3
IST 635 Managing IT Projects 3
Semester 5
IST 638 Knowledge Management: Concepts and Practices 3
DBA-CCA Comprehensive Competency Assessment 0
IST 639 Enterprise Resource Planning and Management 3
IST 655 Effective Security Management 3
Semester 6
GRC 641 Dissertation Introduction 3
GRC 642 Dissertation Literature Review 3
GRC 643 Dissertation Methodology 3
Semester 7
GRC 644 Dissertation Results and Findings 3
Dissertation Conclusions and Recommendations
GRC 645 Dissertation Presentation and Oral Defense 3
Total Credits 60

Know exactly how much your program will cost without having to worry about the extra cost of buying books.  Our simple, affordable tuition is all-inclusive.

Description Fee
Doctorate Degree Tuition Per Credit $495
Total Cost Per Course Including E-Books $1,580
Total Program Cost $32,675


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