Doctorate of Business Administration in Healthcare Management and Leadership

Want to position yourself as a leader in healthcare management? Start with a DBA in Healthcare Management from an accredited university.

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing in the job market. How can healthcare professionals position themselves as industry experts and find job opportunities in healthcare leadership and management? A Doctorate in Business Administration in Healthcare Management and Leadership offers opportunity to receive the credibility and recognition you need to stand out from the crowd.


What does a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in Healthcare Leadership and Management from CIU include?


CIU’’s online DBA in Healthcare Leadership and Management program offers a flexible, affordable opportunity to gain the skills you need to land a career in healthcare leadership or management. Courses are designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare industry and management methods and include:

  • Strategies for healthcare leadership

  • Merger and acquisition techniques

  • Healthcare and the economy

  • Competency assessments

  • Managing healthcare risks

  • Marketing for healthcare professionals

  • Healthcare management systems

Online DBA Program Admission Requirements


  1. Masters or Bachelors Degree

  2. Curriculum Vitae / Professional Resume

  3. Application for Admission

Online DBA Program Course Schedule


Course NumberCourse NameCredits
Semester 1  
GRC 600Doctoral Academic Study and Writing3
GRC 605Business Research Methodology and Quantitative Statistics3
ECO 615Global Economy3
Semester 2  
MGT 616Organizational Change and Development in Management Systems3
MGT 626Managing Innovation Integrating Technology3
MKT 645Marketing Research in Consumer Behavior3
Semester 3  
FIN 605Global Business Finance3
MKT 640E-Commerce Models and Applications3
MGT 635Merger and Acquisition: Due Diligence Report3
Semester 4  
MGT 645Strategic Management: A Global Approach3
HCM 603Strategies for Healthcare Leadership3
HCM 612Economic Evaluation and Healthcare: Merging Theory with Practice3
Semester 5  
HCM 620Managing Risk in Healthcare: Perspective for Healthcare Leaders3
DBA-CCAComprehensive Competency Assessment0
HCM 625Healthcare Marketing: Tools and Techniques3
HCM 630Quality Management in Healthcare: A Systems Approach3
Semester 6  
GRC 641Dissertation Introduction3
GRC 642Dissertation Literature Review3
GRC 643Dissertation Methodology3
Semester 7  
GRC 644Dissertation Results and Findings3
 Dissertation Conclusions and Recommendations 
GRC 645Dissertation Presentation and Oral Defense3
 Total Credits60

Know exactly how much your program will cost without having to worry about the extra cost of buying books.  Our simple, affordable tuition is all-inclusive.

Doctorate Degree Tuition Per Credit$495
Total Cost Per Course Including E-Books$1,580
Total Program Cost$31,960