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Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration Program

Earn a degree in the growing field of healthcare administration and prepare for a great career.

The Value of a CALUNIVERSITY Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration Degree

The field of healthcare is one of the most stable and consistently growing industries today. There is an ever growing need for skilled healthcare professionals with the right kind of training for successful business administration. The strong knowledge foundation provided by a well-rounded education is essential for many employers when prospecting for candidates. A Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration is a distinguished accomplishment that sets skilled professionals apart from the rest of the pack. With California Intercontinental University’s accredited degree program, you can earn the skills you need from faculty with years of practical experience.

This Bachelor’s Degree in our Healthcare Administration program offers the most up-to-date information and techniques for understanding the fundamentals of healthcare systems and medical institutions. Students will learn the principles of statistical analysis in health policy and administration, how to interpret study results. Coursework will also explore the basics of medical assisting, record-keeping and billing in a clinical setting, along with IT as it relates to the healthcare profession.  Healthcare Management Organization and Behavior is based on a clinical enterprise model that presents actual situations and challenges for the student. These targeted courses provide candidates with the distinct expertise needed to begin or advance a career in healthcare operations.

The career outlook for the healthcare profession is consistently positive. Administrative careers in hospitals, clinics, and research laboratories are in high demand, as well as careers in organization and planning and healthcare administration. Healthcare companies are looking for top graduates  with strong leadership skills and the motivation to succeed. The curriculum for California Intercontinental University’s program helps graduates become highly marketable in a competitive career landscape.

Credits required for degree completion: 120
Maximum transfer credits accepted: 90
Program length: 4 years
Cost per credit: $395
Payment options: Click to view interest-free payment options

Program Competencies and Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate the proper use of effective oral and written communication and professional presentations.
  • Explain the importance of leadership, organizational culture and human relationships in a healthcare organization.
  • Identify and analyze managerial and organizational information needs and use appropriate information technologies to assist in business decision making within a healthcare environment
  • Apply quantitative and qualitative skills for solving business problems and appreciate the value of statistical techniques and information technologies in business decision making.
  • Apply principles of planning, organizing, and leading healthcare operations.
  • Explain the importance of integrity and professional ethics in within a healthcare setting.
  • Design, develop, and implement strategies that enhance the marketing of products and services.
  • Define micro and macroeconomics and financial analysis and decision making
  • Identify human resource management practices and such behavioral issues as motivation and diversity.
Degree Plan Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration (BBAHCA)
Course Number Course Name Credits Foundation / Core GE Elective / Specialization
Semester 1  
ACE 100 Accelerate, Connect, Equip 3 3
GEN 101 English Composition I 3 3
Social Science Elective (100/200) 3 3
Semester 2  
GEN 201 English Composition II 3 3
BUS 225 Fundamentals of Business Ethics 3 3
GEN 102 United States History 3 3
Semester 3  
GEN 103 United States Government 3 3
GEN 104 Mathematics 3 3
Elective (100/200) 3 3
Semester 4  
BUS 215 Business Communications 3 3
BUS 201 Business and Society 3 3
BUS 214 Business Statistics 3 3
Semester 5  
ECO 215 Survey of Economics 3 3
ACC 222 Financial Accounting 3 3
ECO 220 Macroeconomics 3 3
Semester 6  
IST 221 Fundamentals of Computing 3 3
MKT 226 Principles of Marketing 3 3
IST 228 Data Communication and Distributed Networks 3 3
Semester 7  
MGT 251 Organizational Behavior 3 3
BUS 314 Business Law 3 3
GEN 105 Algebra 3 3
Semester 8  
ACC 421 Managerial Accounting 3 3
FIN 224 Principles of Financial Management 3 3
BUS 425 Business Ethics 3 3
Semester 9  
ECO 418 Microeconomics 3 3
BUS 426 Quantitative Methods in Business 3 3
MGT 448 Human Resource Management 3 3
Semester 10  
HCA 301 Fundamentals of Healthcare Systems 3 3
IST 439 Enterprise Resource Management 3 3
MGT 228 Introduction to the Process of Management 3 3
Semester 11  
HCA 315 Medical Assisting 3 3
BUS 416 Business Negotiations 3 3
HCA 337 Statistics for Health Policy and Administration 3 3
Semester 12  
MGT 440 Operations Management 3 3
MGT 450 Project Management 3 3
HCA 425 Healthcare Management–Organization and Behavior 3 3
Semester 13  
MGT 445 Strategic Management 3 3
HCS 430 IT for the Healthcare Profession 3 3
Elective (100/200) 3 3
Semester 14  
MGT 460 Leadership in Organizations 3 3
Total Credits: 120 72 27 21

Emphasis Courses

  • HCA 301 Fundamentals of Health Care Systems
  • HCA 315 Medical Assisting
  • HCA 337 Statistics for Health Care Policy and Administration
  • HCA 425 Healthcare Management Organization and Behavior
  • HCS 430 IT for the Healthcare Profession

Course Schedule

The Bachelor of Business Administration program requires the completion of 120 units of coursework that include:
General Education Courses: 33 Units / 11 Courses
California Intercontinental University uses elements of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) to determine the breadth of requirements for general education courses. In making this determination, courses that are recognized by IGETC that are not offered by California Intercontinental University may be considered for waiver of certain General Education courses.

General Electives:

In alignment with the Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) program, students can demonstrate multidisciplinary knowledge through transfer of courses or students may also elect to fulfill the unit mandate by taking the General Electives Courses or any other undergraduate courses offered by CALUNIVERSITY

Business Foundation Courses:  72 Units / 24 Courses
Specialization Courses: 15 Units / 5 Courses

Admissions Requirements

In addition to the preliminary admissions requirements, an applicant for the Bachelor’s degree program must submit and meet the following admission prerequisites:

  1. Official documentation showing the completion of a high school diploma or GED, or its recognized equivalent:
    1. DD-214 document showing high school completion may be accepted as unofficial proof of high school graduation for military and veteran students.
    2. An official transcript from a college/university documenting proof of high school graduation, including high school name and date of graduation
    3. For bachelor’s degree applicants only: An official transcript from a college/university documenting proof of completion of associate’s degree
  2. If the applicant has completed some approved postsecondary college work, a sealed copy of his/her official transcripts may be required

In cases where a student is unable to provide official documentation showing the completion of a high school diploma or GED, or its recognized equivalent [e.g.: institution closed or inaccessible by student due to civil unrest or government prohibition, or official student documents were destroyed], the student may ask to complete a self-certification form from the Enrollment

Graduation Requirements

The Bachelor’s Degree is conferred upon those who have fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. Successfully complete the GE, Required, and Emphasis courses of the appropriate curriculum (or their equivalent) and have fulfilled the minimal required Learning Time for each course and program
  2. Met the study time residency requirement for degree completion and award
  3. Achieve at least 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for all courses taken at California Intercontinental University
  4. Be cleared of all indebtedness and other obligations to California Intercontinental University prior to degree award
  5. Be recommended for graduation by the Faculty and Academic Department

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