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Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Get Your Bachelor of Arts Degree Online

There is a multitude of reasons why you should get your online Bachelor’s degree. You can make a career change, advance in your current profession or fulfill a longtime dream. Best of all: When you choose to get your undergraduate degree online, you can enjoy an unparalleled level of flexibility unseen in traditional education programs. By visiting this page, you are well on your way to earning an accredited online Bachelor’s degree at California Intercontinental University. Welcome. We hope you’ll join our distinguished community of professionals.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs at California Intercontinental University

We offer a number of online Bachelor’s degree programs for the current and aspiring business professional, including Business Administration and Information Technology. To earn online undergraduate degrees from California Intercontinental University, you must demonstrate learning retention, knowledge, and an understanding of general education (GE) concepts like English, communication, critical thinking, mathematics, and science. In addition to achieving proficiency in GE subjects, our online Bachelor of Arts degree program is built to provide students with a lifelong ability to read, write, communicate, and exhibit critical thinking within the professional industry of their choice.

Bachelor’s Degree Online—Emphases

You have a number of business-friendly online Bachelor degree programs to choose from at California Intercontinental University:

  • Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) – The general online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration will equip you with a broad range of industry-relevant theories, principles and practices to help you success in business sector of your choice.
  • BBA in Healthcare Administration – The online Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration is a Business Administration degree program that focuses on advancing your knowledge base in the field of Healthcare.
  • BBA in Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship – Earning your Bachelor’s degree online is particularly appropriate when you wish to advance in Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship! This Business Administration emphasis is a functional degree promoting proficiency in essential Internet platforms, marketing strategies and business concepts.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology – When you earn your Bachelor’s degree online in Information Technology, you are becoming a competitive engineer in a booming field. Businesses are increasingly interlinked and dependent on computer systems and technological databases. You may also choose from two emphases: Project Management or Networking and Systems Security.
  • Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems – The online Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems at our institution will prepare you for a new career in business with a combination of computer, business and technical skills. Your potential is endless with such a comprehensive program.

Speed Up Your Bachelor’s Degree Online—Transferring Credits

At California Intercontinental University, you can maximize your academic standing with up to 90 units of transferred credits and 30 units of life experience credits. You can earn up to 9 units from testing out of courses as well. Finally, you can use CLEP, DANTES and EXCELSIOR to speed up your degree completion! At California Intercontinental University, you can get an online Bachelor’s degree faster and with more flexibility than other programs.

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