4 Steps to Restart Online College After Dropping Out

Although re-starting your bachelors program after a failed attempt can be quite challenging, but is rewarding. Returning to an online college is also a great path to academic recovery for working adults. When you feel ready to go back to university, here are steps to take. Ensure you consult an adviser if you have any questions regarding the course.

1. Determine what went wrong during the first attempt

Learn from the mistakes you made during your first attempt in acquiring the degree. Most students who drop out of online college degrees cite unexpected life circumstances, academic unpreparedness, poor time management and financial hardships as some of the reasons for dropping out. Devise strategies of dealing with the challenges. When restarting your degree, select a course that aligns to your finances, academic requirements and schedule.

2. Defer previous student loans

If you are currently paying for a student loan debt that accrued during your first attempt at college, you can defer the repayment. That way, you can afford paying for the degree without much hiccup. Therefore, you should not allow financial constraints to prevent you from achieving your academic goals.

3. Find out the requirements for re-admission

When re-applying to the same college or the same degree, your application is likely to undergo a more thorough review than when you were applying for the first time. You are likely to be asked to write an essay explaining why you are better positioned to handle the coursework than during the first time. To be prepared for these requirements, it is wise to speak to an admissions counselor to determine your options.

4. Consider transfer credits

To accelerate the period of completing the degree, you may want to consider the possibility of transferring your credits. The credits do not necessarily have to be from the course you are taking. They can be from previous accomplishments or even military experience.


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