Online Doctoral Programs

CALUNIVERSITY Online Doctoral Programs for an Executive Education

The Online Doctoral Programs in Business Administration offered by CALUNIVERSITY are the key to unlocking the top tier of career opportunities. We specialize in providing an up-to-date executive education you can complete without putting your life and career on hold. New classes in online doctoral programs are enrolling every week, so it’s always a great time to get started.

The Online Doctoral Programs You Want

Our online degree programs are designed from the ground up to provide maximum benefit to the student. Our instructors are all experienced experts in their industries. With their fingers on the pulse of business, our classes are updated to reflect the latest thinking in successful business development and management.

CALUNIVERSITY online Doctoral programs feature multiple emphases for different industries or uses. These include:

  • Doctor of Business Administration – The widest range of specialization. The DBA courseof study prepares you to development, innovate, manage, and succeed in business at thehighest levels.
  • Global Business and Leadership (GBL) – When you want to take your success into anothercountry, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. With the Global Business andLeadership DBA, you’ll be ready to take charge.
  • Healthcare Management and Leadership (HCML) – As the American healthcare industrycontinues to grow, more qualified people will be needed to fill the top positions. TheHealthcare Management and Leadership DBA is the perfect prescription for success.
  • Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Management (ISERM)– The tech industryand information technology require a skilled touch. From securing data, managing ITprojects, and controlling the available resources, you’ll be ready with a DBA in InformationSystems and Enterprise Resource Management.
Online doctoral programs

Courses and Curriculum Focused on You

At CALUNIVERSITY, we want our online Doctoral programs to start working for you as soon as you graduate. Financial burdens should be minimized as much as possible. California Intercontinental University offers numerous payment options tailored to your needs as part of our online graduate degree programs.

Service personnel and their families can take advantage of our status as a Military-Friendly School. Numerous grants and financial aid options are available through government sources to help cover your educational costs.

Convenient Online Doctoral Programs

Because they are entirely online, our Doctoral programs are the most efficient way to learn. You can start class whenever you’re ready. As long as there is an available Internet connection, you can take class from a café, your kitchen, your office or even during your flight. CALUNIVERSITY knows you have a busy schedule, so we do our best to ensure you never have to interrupt work with your education.

If you have any questions about enrolling in our online Doctoral programs, enrollment or would like to learn more about the other degrees we offer, Contact Us today!

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