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Slide Into Hot Careers With an Online Business Degree

The future looks bright for graduates with online business degrees. Did you know that while other subjects are failing to meet career expectations, degrees in Business and Information Technology are on the rise? This is good news for you! If you’re tired of your current job or want to advance your career, now is a great time to earn one of our online university Business degrees. Read on to learn which hot careers CALUNIVERSITY Business degrees can help you land.

Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration (AABA)

Our online Associate’s Degree program in Business Administration is the gateway to your new degree in business. This degree will give you the foundational business concepts and principles you need to enter a Bachelor’s Degree program strong. It is also perfect for small business owners who want a competitive edge and those with no previous business experience. If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll catch you up fast.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration (BBA)

Most careers in the business sector require a Bachelor’s Degree nowadays. This wasn’t always the case. Anyone with the know-how and connections could find their way into a competitive job in the industry. This trend is a way to sift through increasingly competitive candidates. Be among the elite with one of our accredited online Business degrees. Below are just some of the hot careers you can expect.

  • Market Research Analysts – With an average income of $60,300 per year and ananticipated 32% employment growth spurt until 2022, this is career of the hotter options.
  • Purchasing Manager – Although you can snag an entry position as a Purchasing Managerwithout an online Bachelor’s Degree, your chances of landing this hot career, which earnsan average $60,550 a year, increase exponentially with a BBA.
  • Training and Development Specialists – Training and Development Specialists areexpanding, with an expected 15% industry increase through 2022. The average income is a comfortable $55,930.
  • Human Resource Specialist – New industries are blooming, and the American economy isbouncing back. This means people are hiring! Companies need Human Resource Specialists to hire new talent. This is where you come in. With an average $55,640 per year income, you’ll be comfortable too.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in an online undergraduate program at California Intercontinental University today!

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