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Online Bachelor Degree Programs at California Intercontinental University

Secure a promotion with an online Bachelor’s degree! If you’re looking for a competitive edge, you have found it. CALUNIVERSITY’s online degree programs are an excellent opportunity for professional growth.

When you earn your Bachelor’s degree online at California Intercontinental University, you are receiving a quality education that doesn’t interrupt your life. Our programs are flexible and thorough. Whether you want to prepare yourself for online graduate degree programs or change careers, we have a Bachelor’s degree program for you.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

One of our many online undergraduate degrees, our BBA program is designed to give students a complete understanding of business concepts, strategies, ethics, policies and more. You can confidently pursue a rewarding career after completing an online Bachelor’s program with us. Our Bachelor degree emphases are:

  • Healthcare Administration – In this online university program you will learn practices andconcepts to succeed in healthcare; real-world application is our goal, so you can slide rightinto a new career in healthcare!
  • Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship – This program prepares you for functionalbusiness practices in the Internet age. What’s more befitting than learning about Internetmarketing in an online Bachelor’s degree program?
  • Bachelor of Science—Management Information Systems (BS-MIS) – CALUNIVERSITY’sonline Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems is useful for thoseinterested in pursuing a fruitful career in Information Technology. Entry-level positionsinclude Information Architect, Systems Analyst, Security Analyst and Network SupportTechnician. Our program is designed to enhance technical know-how, management abilityand analytical skills.
  • Bachelor of Engineering—Information Technology – An online Bachelor’s degree inInformation Technology is a great way to start your tech career. The program focuses oncomputer systems, data communication, database management, network construction and more.

Additionally, you may receive your online Bachelor’s degree of Engineering in Information Technology in one of two emphases.

  • Project Management – If you want specialize in management, this emphasis will improveyour management skills while still enabling you to excel technologically.
  • Networking and Systems Security – If you want to pursue a career in IT that focuses onnetwork security, this emphasis is for you. Keep the hackers out of company systems.Specialize in systems security.

Enroll in an online Bachelor degree program or one of the many other online degree programs at California Intercontinental University today!

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