Online AABA Degree

Make the Future With an AABA Online Degree Program

Did you know that the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration is one of the most popular online degrees? There’s a reason. Business Administration degrees carry a lot of weight in the real world. They’re one of the practical college degrees that get your career going in a wide range of industries.

Prepare yourself for your journey with an online business degree. The online Associate of Arts in Business Administration (AABA) program at California Intercontinental University will prepare you for the Bachelor’s degree programs at our school. It’s also an easy way to build a fundamental base in business principles and practices. This base can be used to enrich your entrepreneurial spirit and professional goals.

Online AABA Degree

Is an AABA Right for You?

The AABA is right for anyone with an interest in jump-starting his or her career in business. It is an entry-level degree, which means no previous business knowledge is required to excel in these courses. All you need is a high school education or equivalency (GED) and you’re good to go!

Our online university is a supportive virtual platform. Undergraduates are given an advisor to help plan their goals and schedule. It takes about two years to complete the AABA program online. Best part: Should you desire to complete your Bachelors in Business Administration, you can easily transition into one of our BBA programs. We proudly accept military assistance funding and have a number of payment plans to help our students graduate with little to no debt.

Contact us today and make the future your present with one of the online business degrees from CALUNIVERSITY.

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