VA Education Benefits

VA and GI Bill® Education Benefits

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)

California Intercontinental University delivers a high-caliber education so you can advance your military career or prepare for a new civilian career, whether you are overseas or stateside. CIU is classified as an Institution of Higher Learning with programs that are approved for VA benefits. You may be eligible to receive credit for military training and prior learning experiences that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE).

Veteran Education Benefits Program


For answers to questions regarding eligibility for various entitlement categories, call the VA at (888)-452-4551 [888-GIBILL1]

Veterans’ Programs

Call Us to learn more about eligibility and programs from the VA website.


Veterans may be certified for VA education benefits once they have completed the school application, selected a class start date, and applied for VA education benefits. Veterans may be approved for 60-day deferment of tuition payments, allowing time for the VA to determine eligibility and set up education payments


If using VA education benefits, the School Certifying Official electronically certifies your enrollment status for each term. The school certification verifies the number of credits, course start and end dates, and other information required by the VA.

Dropped Courses

Students who drop courses may be required by VA to repay benefits received for that class.

Academic Credit Transcripts

California Intercontinental University accepts transfer credit from accredited academic institutions when the course content is deemed to be the equivalent to our own. For evaluation purposes, unofficial student copies of transcript(s) are acceptable. After enrollment, official transcripts must be provided within timeframe set by the school Registrar.

Note: VA does not pay for repeated course(s). Examples: Course(s) when credit may be awarded from another college; academic course credit(s) obtained through a military evaluation; academic credit(s) earned at technical school(s); or any other source where academic credit was granted.