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Military Pension Cuts Spark Outrage

Congress approved one of the more controversial bipartisan budget deals at the end of 2013, which mandates a $6 billion cut from military pensions. The deal, which President Obama signed the last week of December, is causing considerable tension among working age service men and women retirees

Critics of the cut believe it breaks a solemn pact made between the United States and those who have served their country. While the cut is a one percent reduction, it certainly adds up. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) and Senate Budge Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D-Washington) have agreed to amend the deal to exempt survivors of those killed in action and disabled retirees from the cut, which will take back roughly 10% of the $6 billion dollars.

Supporters of the pension cuts note that before this deal, anyone who put in 20 years of time in the military could begin receiving their pension immediately. That is, an 18-year-old recruit could receive a full pension at the ripe age of 38. The goal of this deal was to save money by making cuts to those who would feel it less, such as young and able retirees. Additionally, the funds saved from this budget are purported to be recycled back into the military. Ryan noting, “Veterans aren’t Washington’s piggy bank.”

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