Expect to be transformed with a multidimensional learning experience.

Strategic Networking

Strategic Networking designed to create valuable connections that advance your career goals. While we acknowledge the importance of networking in today’s tech economy, strategic connections don’t just happen, they are developed through dedicated effort and ongoing promotion. At CIU we create opportunities to foster meaningful connections that will help you advance your career goals.

Executive Career Coaching

Our support starts the moment you enroll. You will be assigned to an executive career coach with a background that is aligned with your career aspirations. An executive career coach will help you get the most out of what you learn in the classroom and help build your professional portfolio. Behind every great athlete, there is a great coach and CIU offers a truly unique executive career coaching experience with only one focus in mind, your career advancement.

Global Immersion

Immerse yourself in a new city, diverse culture, and foreign economy and learn from individuals from all over the world. Travel with your strategic network of classmates and immerse yourself in an international economy while developing your leadership skills. A real understanding of how a global economy works can only be gained by experiencing it, and that’s why at CIU, you will have the opportunity to travel to a foreign country and learn of new perspectives and ideas. CIU is committed to developing global citizens, are you ready for the journey?


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