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Interested in TRICARE ECHO

If you have a family member who is in the United states Military, you can get healthcare from a program known as TRICARE Extended Health Option.

What are the TRICARE / ECHO benefits? TRICARE / ECHO benefits include medical coverage of the many areas including medical services, rehabilitative services, training for assistive technology, special education for special needs spouses and children, Institutional care for conditions that require residential environments(such as hospital visits), Ambulance costs, translators for speaking or hearing impaired beneficiaries, in home or caretaker services, along with any necessary medical equipment a patient requires. TRICARE is actually the most affordable, comprehensive and easy medical program.

Who is covered by the TRICARE / ECHO benefits? Anybody who has a spouse or child to an active duty member, including reserve soldiers who have been active duty for a period of 30 days or more can be benefited. Another case where a family member or spouse of a retired Armed Forces member can receive the TRICARE / ECHO benefits if the child or spouse is a victim of physical or emotional abuse. It also offers the programs on health care for the retired persons which include TRICARE dental, TRICARE pharmacy and also TRICARE for the life.

The benefits will kick in and cover your medical bills or any other necessary costs that may result from the qualifying conditions required by ECHO. ECHO’s qualifying conditions are that you’re suffering from moderate to severe mental retardation or a serious physical disability.

Luckily the old program, TRICARE Program for the Persons with Disabilities, was replaced by the TRICARE Extended Health Option, on September 1, 2005. This change reflected a drastic change in how TRICARE functioned overall. The coverage limits of Persons of the Program for the Persons with Disabilities was only $1000 per month, but with the TRICARE / ECHO program, beneficiaries are looking at benefits of up to two thousand and five hundred dollar per month for each eligible family. Another TRICARE / ECHO benefit is that beneficiaries who are stuck at home due to an injury or mental retardation can qualify for extended in-home health care. The old program, the Program for the Persons with Disabilities, required recipients to use public facilities and funds to the extent which is required or available… how much does that suck? Instead with the ECHO program that requirement is no longer for the majority, but only for a small group of ECHO beneficiaries.

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