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Holiday Season Deeds: Operation Toy Drop & Cancer Patient Support

Military personnel celebrated the holiday season with the 16th annual Operation Toy Drop and a rally for cancer patient support. According to Paraglide, the official newspaper of Fort Braggs, 3,500 paratroopers donated toys to this year’s Operation Toy Drop to enter the drop lottery. The lottery, which included military personnel from nine different countries, such as Germany, Poland, Canada, Latvia, Italy Netherlands, Sweden, Chile and Brazil.

The Operation Toy Drop lottery only gives 500 soldiers the opportunity to participate in the mass tactical jump. Those US paratroopers who won the lottery jumped out of the sky together at the Sicily Drop Zone on Saturday, December 7, earning foreign jump wings. The toys, ranging from bikes to Barbie dolls, will benefit the children in their communities.

Meanwhile, at the Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, soldiers shaved their heads in support of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The soldiers who shaved their heads did it as a symbolic rally of solidarity after finding out that Staff. The soldiers then sent family members and friends afflicted with the disease special group photos so they could be certain they had a whole wealth of support during their treatment.

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