Dual Degree Pathway Scholarship

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California Intercontinental University offers a dual degree pathway, providing qualified students with more opportunities to further their education. A dual degree pathway offers students a viable path to obtain their MBA and DBA. Students have the option of completing one project/dissertation for both programs.

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Dual Pathway Overview

  • 24 units of MBA Required Courses
  • 12 units of MBA Specialization Courses
  • 30 units of DBA Required Courses
  • 15 units of DBA Specialization Courses
  • 15 units of Doctoral Dissertation
  • Take the CCA exam.

Admission Requirements

1) Bachelor’s Degree or its Equivalent (with at least a 3.0 CGPA)

2) Curriculum Vitae or Professional Resume

3) Enroll in a MBA Program

Scholarship Conditions

1. Enroll in the Dual Degree Pathway before the start of the MBA program.
2. Remain continuously enrolled and maintain a 3.0 CGPA.
3. Answer and submit the following essay question (250 words):

a. How will the Dual Degree Scholarship benefit you and assist you in meeting your educational goals?

Career Outcomes:

Possible career avenues with a Doctorate of Business Administration from CIU.








Health Services

Who is CIU’s Dual Degree Pathway Scholarship for?

The Dual Degree Pathway is for students who seek sustainable development as a business professional. One who will not conform with the minimal standard, but rather has an end goal to reach their maximum potential. This pathway is designed for those individuals whose end goal is obtaining a Master and Doctoral Degree in the most efficient way possible. The scholarship grants students incentives that would not be available in your average MBA or DBA program.

The program encourages executives, college or university professors, and consultants to use their professional backgrounds to explore, design, and manage large systems in the complex organizations of increasingly multifaceted and multi-sectored economy.


Online Master's of Business Administration (MBA) Course Curriculum:

The Master of Business Administration degree requires completion of 36 semester credits of coursework which includes 24 credits of Business Core courses and 12 credits of Specialization Elective courses.

Online Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Course Curriculum:

The Doctorate of Business Administration degree requires completion of 60 semester credits of coursework which includes 30 credits of Business Core courses, 15 credits of Specialization Elective courses, a Comprehensive Competency Assessment, and 15 credits of Dissertation courses.

1. Business Core Courses: 24 Credits/8 Courses

A. Accounting

  • ACC 501 Accounting

B. Economics

  • ECO 518 Economics for Decision Making

C. Finance

  • FIN 515 Entrepreneurial Finance

D. Information Technology

  • IST 530 Management Information Systems

E. Management

  • MGT 517 Organizational Development
  • MGT 545 Strategic Management and Competitive Globalization
  • MGT 553 Project Management for Professionals

F. Marketing

  • MKT 517 Marketing

2. Specialization Courses: 12 Credits/4 Courses

  • Specialization Electives
  • Specialization Electives
  • Specialization Electives
  • Specialization Electives


  • FIN 512

International Financial Management

  • FIN 530

Bank Management

  • FIN 533

Commercial Banking

  • FIN 540

Capital Markets

  • HCM 503

Leadership in Healthcare

  • HCM 507

Healthcare HR Management

  • HCM 512

Healthcare Economics

  • HCM 523

Ethics of Healthcare

  • HCM 533

Healthcare Information Systems

  • IST 535

Information Technology in Project Management

  • IST 538

Knowledge Management

  • IST 540

Knowledge Management and E-Learning

  • IST 555

Management of Information Security

  • MGT 518

Global Business Management

  • MGT 523

Human Factors and Team Dynamics

  • MGT 528

Human Resource Management, Case Analysis & Readings

  • MGT 542

Leadership Development in Organization

  • MGT 566

Training and Human Capital Development

  • MGT 570

Quality Design for Six Sigma

  • MGT 575

Total Quality Management

  • MKT 525

Integrated Retail Management

  • MKT 545

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

  • MKT 558

Global Marketing Policy

1. Business Core Courses: 30 Credits/10 Courses

A. Economics

  • ECO 615 Global Economy

B. Finance

  • FIN 605 Global Business Finance

C. Graduate Level Research

  • GRC 600 Doctoral Academic Study and Writing
  • GRC 605 Business Research Methodology and Quantitative Statistics

D. Management

  • MGT 616 Organizational Change and Development in Management System
  • MGT 626 Managing Innovation Integrating Technology
  • MGT 635 Merger and Acquisition: Due Diligence Report
  • MGT 645 Strategic Management: A Global Approach

E. Marketing

  • MKT 640 E-Commerce Models and Applications
  • MGT 645 Marketing Research in Consumer Behavior

2. Specialization Courses: 15 Credits/5 Courses


  • Specialization Electives
  • Specialization Electives
  • Specialization Electives
  • Specialization Electives
  • Specialization Electives

3. Comprehensive Competency Assessment: 0 Credits/1 Course

  • Comprehensive Competency Assessment

4. Doctorate Dissertation Courses: 15 Credits/5 Courses

A. Graduate Level Research

  • GRC 641 Chapter 1 Dissertation Introduction
  • GRC 642 Chapter 2 Dissertation Literature Review
  • GRC 643 Chapter 3 Dissertation Methodology
  • GRC 644 Chapter 4 Dissertation Results and Findings
  • GRC 645 Chapter 5 Dissertation Conclusions and
    Recommendations/Dissertation Presentation and Oral Defense


  • HCM 603

Strategies for Healthcare Leadership

  • HCM 612

Economic Evaluation in Healthcare: Merging Theory with

  • HCM 620

Managing Disaster: Perspectives for Healthcare Leaders

  • HCM 625

Healthcare Marketing: Tools and Techniques

  • HCM 630

Quality Management in Healthcare: A Systems Approach

  • IST 630

Information Technology in Organizations

  • IST 635

Managing IT Projects

  • IST 638

Knowledge Management: Concepts and Practices

  • IST 639

Enterprise Resource Planning and Management

  • IST 655

Effective Security Management

  • MGT 610

Mastering Leadership: Theories and Concepts

  • MGT 618

International Business

  • MGT 620

Risk Management

  • MGT 630

Business Logistics: Theory and Practice

  • MGT 650

Project Management

  • MGT 655

Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • MGT 657

Case Studies in Global Entrepreneurship

  • MGT 660

Strategic Entrepreneurship

  • MGT 662

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

  • MGT 665

Exploring Entrepreneurship and Economics


Total MBA & DBA Tuition with Scholarship

$ 45,145
  • All E-books
  • 24/7 Tutoring
  • Adviser Support

A Master’s degree consists of 12 courses and Doctorate degree 20 courses. On average, a student completes their dual program studies within 4 years.

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