Financial Aid Eligibility

The following criteria must be met for a student to be eligible to participate in Federal Student Aid (FSA):

  1. Be an admitted student enrolled in an eligible programs of study for the purpose of obtaining a degree
  2. Submit all official transcripts from previously attended institutions at the time of admission if interested in Title IV funding
  3. Be unconditionally accepted at CIU
  4. Not be enrolled solely in remedial coursework
  5. Not be currently enrolled in secondary school
  6. Be a high school graduate or recognized equivalent
  7. Be a U.S. citizen or national, or an eligible non-citizen (verification of eligible non-citizen status may be required)
  8. Have a valid Social Security number unless you are from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, or the Republic of Palau
  9. Be enrolled at least half-time if applying to receive Federal Direct Loans
  10. Not be in default on a Federal Student Loan or owe an overpayment on a FSA grant or loan
  11. If the student is a male, he must be registered with the Selective Service
  12. Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards
  13. Certify that FSA will only be used for educational purposes
  14. Demonstrate financial need

Enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by the home school may be considered enrollment in the home school for purposes of applying for federal student financial aid.