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Catching Up With Congress Hopeful & CALUNIVERSITY Alumni Dr. Michael C. Owens

Alumni Dr. Michael C. Owens is gearing up to run for public office. He took a moment to share his thoughts about his CALUNIVERSITY education and why he’s running.

Why did you choose to enroll at California Intercontinental University?

I was looking for a program that was flexible and that embraced the digital age in which we live in.  It was important to find a program that was academically rigorous but at the same time allowed me to continue to work full-time. I evaluated many programs from across the country and CALUNIVERSITY proved to be the fit for me.  I also like the fact that CalU is a military friendly school that supports America’s military service members and veterans as students.

What aspects of your online education did you find most beneficial?

The capability to learn and interact with professors and peers from different parts of the country and world.  While working towards my degree in Global Business being able to directly interact with peers from different countries helped to shape and frame my perspective in many areas.  Secondly, I was working as a Global IT Senior Manager for an International company while gaining my degree.  This meant a lot of travel.  The ability to still continue my classwork while working abroad is something I would not have been able to accomplish if it wasn’t for the online capabilities of CalU. Lastly, I would say that since most CalU professors work in the corporate and academic world, students get the benefit of enhanced learning through the lens of accomplished business leaders and entrepreneurs.

What was your experience with the staff and instructors at California Intercontinental University?

I had very good experiences with the staff and instructors at CalU.  The faculty is comparable, in expertise and passion, to any other university that I have attended in the past. Professors being available outside of standard “office hours” enabled me to seek guidance and advice when I needed it most.

What made you decide to run for public office? How would your CALUNIVERSITY degree help you be a better Congressperson? 

As a Marine Corps veteran, willingness to serve my country didn’t end when I took of my uniform and put on a suit. Running for public office is just an extension of that. I want to continue to serve our nation by providing leadership and representation for the district of Georgia I live in.  I also believe that it is important for our Congress to be comprised of more than just attorneys and the wealthy elite.  I believe that engineers, architects and scholars can do great things in high office.

The doctorate in Global Business I attained at CalU has helped me gain an even deeper understanding of global challenges and opportunities upon us as a country.  My dissertation focused on the strategic decision making process of U.S. based multinational corporations and the diplomatic relationship between those business entities and the U.S. Department of State.  This in-depth study and research has allowed me to understand the intricate relationship between government and business and how policies directly reflect what goes on domestically and overseas.

What advice would you give to prospective CALUNIVERSITY students?

Be prepared to work hard and ask as many questions as necessary.  An online course of study demands that you embrace technology and its capability to connect you into a virtual academic environment in many ways. CalU has an amazing online portal and digital platform that allow students to collaborate, investigate and communicate.  Stay connected, be bold and challenge yourself!

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