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Advance Your Expertise: Become a Doctor of Business Administration

There are a few reasons why you might pursue a Doctor of Business Administration degree (DBA) at ouronline university. For instance, you may have an interest in becoming a business professor.

But aren’t teachers historically underpaid? The median income for Business Administration professors in the United States is approximately $106,000. That’s the national average, meaning the odds that you’ll make between a hefty 80 and $180,000 a year are pretty good.

Of course, money isn’t everything. There are three other reasons to push the envelope and earn the highest online business degree available.

  1. Advancing Expertise – When you enroll in a DBA program online, you’re taking advantage of our flexible, quality education and pushing the limits of your business skills. Even if you’ve been in “the biz” for a while, a Doctor of Business Administration can be just the edge you need to earn more money or land a promotion.
  2. Staying Competitive – Be honest. When did you get your MBA? If you received your degree more than a decade ago, there are new concepts and platforms to learn. Enrolling in our DBA program can keep you in the know and familiar with the materials younger generations of business professionals are learning.
  3. Sheer Pride – There is something oddly thrilling about becoming a “doctor” of something. Even the most professional of business execs can’t help this incentive. It’s just too good. Think about it. Put doctor in front of your last name and say it aloud. Sounds good, right?

If you’re interested in becoming a Doctor of Business Administration, we strongly recommend that you call us today. We know that you’re busy. That’s why we offer this flexible, informative program to help you get ahead without losing your current career status.

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