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Degrees You Need for Hot Careers in Information Technology

Here is a fun fact: After only a small dip in 2007 and 2008 (when the United States economy was at its scariest in decades), Information Technology careers gained back their momentum, surpassed it and continue to rise today. In fact, the hottest IT careers are expected to increase employment between 30% and 50% over the next six years.

If you’re considering changing careers, few education opportunities can match the security of earning an Information Technology degree. The industry itself is hot. That’s why CALUNIVERSITY provides a top-of-the-line education, so you can earn your IT degree onlineat the Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate level.

Computer design, development and support make up the bulk of the industry, with hot careers like:

  • Computer Engineering and Sciences
  • Computer Support Specialists
  • Systems Analysts
  • Programmers
  • Software Developers

For many of our students, the best part of this field is the versatility. In short, nearly even modern business or company uses computers! With one of our online IT degrees, you can choose which type of business or field you would like to work in. Additionally, the job title and level can vary, even within an individual hot career. Enjoy variety and movement with options such as:

  • Management
  • Business and Financial Operations
  • Office and Administrative Support
  • Computer and Mathematical Occupations

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Are you convinced? You’re probably wondering how you jump on the Information Technology train, especially if you have no previous experience. That’s where our online university comes in. We have the tools to help you succeed. Best of all, you can keep you current job and schedule with little compromise. CALUNIVERSITY online IT degrees are the easiest way to enjoy flexibility without sacrificing education quality.

Online Associates Degree in Information Technology

If you are an IT newbie, our online Associate’s degree is a great place to start your journey. It will teach you all of the fundamental concepts, practices and skills you need to advance your education and your career in IT.

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

After completing our esteemed AA program, you may choose to major in Information Technology, in which case you will receive a Bachelor of Engineering. Our curriculum covers everything you need to begin an exciting new IT career upon graduating, including computer systems, data communication, database management, networks, system analysis and design.

Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

If you have an interest in being a Systems Analyst, Network Support Technician or Information Architect, you may want to pursue a BS-MIS instead. This online IT degree has a more directed information systems focus, so you will be prepared to land that hot new career right out of school.

Graduate Degrees With Information Systems Emphases

Graduate degrees in Information Systems allow you to take your expertise to the highest level possible. Hone your IT and business skills with one of our online business degrees. We offer aMaster’s of Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)with an emphasis in Information Systems.

If you have any questions about CALUNIVERSITY, the numerous online degrees we offer, tuition, scheduling, or simply want to enroll, Contact Us today!

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