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    Accreditations & Approvals

    Admission Requirements

    • Masters Degree
    • Curriculum Vitae/Professional Resume
    • Application for Admission

    Doctorate Degree Options

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    Global Business and Leadership

    information systems

    Information Systems
    & Enterprise Resource Management

    The program prepares students for careers in the fields of global business management and consulting, enterprise architecture, content management, development specialist, and application architecture .
    The program enables students to improve their analytical ability, strategic thinking, process implementation, beyond industry applications.
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    Entrepreneurship & Business Management

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    Healthcare Management & Leadership

    The program prepares students for careers in the fields of business management,venture analysis, business relations management, business development consulting, business broker/owner, and business banker.
    The program prepares students for careers in the fields of managed care supervision, patient care management, healthcare services manager, regulatory analysis, and resource specialist.


    “Finishing my degree, I got promoted to senior director as well as running a new business, it started out as 0 and right now we’re running a $36 million business, so the degree has been extremely helpful.”

    Theodore Boggs
    2019 Graduate

    “No other online program has this unique DBA offering in global business and leadership.”

    Pamela Ravare Jones
    2019 Graduate

    “I checked all the other universities and schools, but I believe that CIU is going to offer me the best education for my career right now.”

    Rene Laceste,
    2019 Graduate

    “What I liked most about the program was the balance between freedom and structure, it was possible to match my time between family, work and education.”

    Sandra Pejic
    2019 Graduate

    “I can see the opportunities are wide and expansive, more people are reaching out to me interested in my skillsets. I’m very excited about my prospects.”

    Theresa Hayden
    2019 Graduate