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essential education logoCalifornia Intercontinental University covers GED test preparation classes to individuals who seek an opportunity to complete their GED. CIU has partnered with Essential Education to provide this education pathway.

Course Overview

The GED program is a 100% online, mobile-friendly course that teaches you exactly what you need in order to pass the official GED Test. The adaptive learning system creates a personalized learning plan for you, by focusing on your weaker skills and bypassing the ones that you have already mastered. There are over 3,500 interactive activities and lessons available to you, which will fully prepare you for all the GED tests: For example, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Educators will be at your disposal and will track your progress, customize your learning plans, and determine when you are ready to take the final step: take the GED test.

Powerful Instruction

The GED program was specifically designed to keep adult learners engaged. The following 3 reasons are why our program is successful for students:

  1. Personalized Teaching: There is no one method that fits all. The program is an adaptive learning system creates personalized learning plans for each student based of predetermined missing knowledge.
  2. Easy to digest Content: Lessons use real life scenarios to teach the knowledge, that way adults can relate to what they are learning, which makes it easier to remember.
  3. Interactive and Fun: The material is delivered in an engaging way that is fun for students. No slideshows, or boring Powerpoints. The program uses animation that students can relate to.

Aligned Learning

The program was designed to be 100% aligned to the GED test. Learn all the necessities in order to pass the test. All practice tests are timed exactly the same, and scored exactly the same, as the official test. Students can be confident that once they are able to pass the practice tests, they can most certainly take and pass the official GED examination.

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