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Earning your associate degree first gives you a sense of accomplishment and a diploma to hang on your wall while you continue working toward your bachelor's degree, and no matter what your long-term goal may be, going for an associates now can give you a great jump start.

Thai Le

Commencement – 2012 Album

August 8, 2012
Diamond Bar, CA., October 29, 2012 –We recently held our commencement at the Diamond Bar Center and were joined by graduands across our programs. Photographers caught their nervousness, excitement, encouragement of their peers, and thanks to their families and friends on camera. Graduates will cherish these memories as they set out on the next phase of their journeys. Please click on the photo below to be directed to the photo gallery.

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California Intercontinental University Student Awarded ASQ Healthcare Division Scholarship

June 06, 2012

Diamond Bar, CA., June 6 2012 – California Intercontinental University is pleased to announce that Winnie MacGregor, a current MBA student, has been awarded the Nightingale Scholarship by the Healthcare Division of ASQ for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to pursuing quality improvement in the health care field.

The $2000 scholarship was awarded during the Quality institute for Healthcare on May 21–23 at the Anaheim Convention Center.
Winnie MacGregor recognized for outstanding focus on qualitywinnie-asq

MacGregor is pursuing an MBA in project and quality management at California Intercontinental University (CALUNIVERSITY). She also is working toward a Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute.

“We are extremely proud of Winnie’s achievements,” said Dr. Finian Tan, Chairman of California Intercontinental University. “Many of our students are working adults trying to improve themselves, and we support them through our flexible curriculum and make sure that everything they learn is relevant and applicable to their work. Winnie’s hard work has paid off and she truly deserves this scholarship.”

In addition to her studies, MacGregor is a project manager in the patient safety department at Kaiser Permanente in Orange County, where she spends much of her time educating staff about key safety practices like hand hygiene and implementing various National Patient Safety goals and initiatives.

“This scholarship lets my employers, peers, and instructors know that I’m really serious about pursuing a career in health care quality management,” MacGregor said. “This is a role that will enable me to have the greatest impact on improving patient care.”

“Ms. MacGregor has been engaged in quality in the health care environment for the past seven years through her work at Kaiser and her MBA studies,” said Grace Paranzino, co-chair of the ASQ Healthcare Division Nightingale scholarship committee. “She has shown a commitment to excellence in both endeavors and it is our belief that she will be a future leader in the field of health care quality.”

The scholarship is named in honor of Florence Nightingale, the initiator of the nursing profession who also pioneered health care statistics and promoted quality reforms in hygienic hospital care.

For more information and future scholarship eligibility requirements, please visit

About ASQ
ASQ is a global community of people dedicated to quality who share the ideas and tools that make our world work better. With millions of individual and organizational members of the community in 150 countries, ASQ has the reputation and reach to bring together the diverse quality champions who are transforming the world’s corporations, organizations, and communities to meet tomorrow’s critical challenges. ASQ is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., with national service centers in China, India, and Mexico. Learn more about ASQ’s members, mission, technologies, and training at

About California Intercontinental University
A pioneer in online Doctorate of Business Administration programs, the DETC-accredited California Intercontinental University offers a wide range of specialized Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees such as Entrepreneurship & Business Management, Global Business & Leadership, Health Care Administration and Information Systems. As a VA Approved Institution of Higher Learning and a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), California Intercontinental University also has a strong focus on the military student experience. For more information, please go to

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Student Highlight: Thomson Lukose

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in India. During my early years (after college 1996), my career revolved around Web analysis and design. This was the time when HTML was the primary markup language!thomas-lukose

I came to United States in 2002. During the past 10 years, my career has spanned all over the map – I have worked on consulting assignments with Wachovia Bank, JPMorgan Chase, McGraw-Hill, State Auto Insurance, and United Health (Ingenix). In Dec 2010, I eventually joined JP Morgan Chase as a full-time employee (Business System Analyst). Currently, I am working on multiple projects aimed at improving business processes.

Being as BSA has been challenging but fun. Fortunately for me, the technology know-how and the business skills has helped me to succeed gracefully. The drive for me has been my paramount interest in writing system logic and algorithm – making the given process come to life! Making it more fun is when I am challenged to think about system usability when involve myself with the system UI design.

Ah, Hobbies! Well, I like reading books (thrillers or otherwise). I also enjoy running. I ran my first ½ marathon in 2010 (Columbus Marathon). This year I plan to run in North Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana.

Who was the greatest influence on your decision to further your education?

My greatest influence has always been my mother. She has always been a very hardworking and determined woman. After our father passed away in 1982, she dedicated her life for us. She made sure that we (sister, brother, and I) got the education we deserved. She toiled every day to ensure that we got equipped with the basic necessities to succeed in life. A devout Catholic, she lived for us and not for herself.

At times, I think about the challenges she went through and how she went about facing them – makes my problems look smaller. She always had big dreams for me. During my school days, she wanted me to become an Engineer (well, in Indian culture every father and mother wants their son/daughter to be an engineer or a doctor!) However, I chose a different path. At times she used to worry about where I might end up.

My mother’s hard work and determination is the source of inspiration for all my siblings, especially me. Her attitude towards life made me realize that I should never give up on anything and should keep on trying till I achieve the goal.

She is proud of my accomplishments and even today, whenever we talk she makes point to always ask me this “how are you doing with your studies; are you done yet?” For her I am still a kid who goes to school!

And for me, well I am here because of only one reason: my mother.

You’re in your final year at CALUNIVERSITY. How has the experience been so far?

Final year! It seems like yesterday when I took my first orientation course with Dr. Inserto. To be honest, while I did not expect that pursuing a doctorate degree would be an easy journey, my experience at California Intercontinental University has been more challenging than I’d imagined. It requires lot of hard-work and lot of creative thinking. It is definitely not a walk-in-the-park experience. The weekly deliverables of mini-projects (requires high level of creativity), case study analysis (requires analytical skills) and term–end exams did not leave me much time to breathe! It was constant reading, researching and making sure that I meet the weekly deadlines. The constant juggling with work and school has been challenging, but so rewarding.

Now, in my final leg of journey, I have an excellent professor (Dr. Fields) who is the Chair for my thesis. She is creative, understanding, and an excellent guide. Her responses are always quick and to the point. I am glad she is Chair because her subtle critique (in a good way!) has helped me think beyond books. Dr. Fields is able to tinker with my thought process, enabling me to clearly focus on the application of my thesis to contemporary real world problems in software development projects.

Which is the class you’ve found most useful/fulfilling so far? What classes are you looking forward to taking?

The entire course has been fulfilling. Every course was aimed at solving problems. For me, the most useful has been the subject of strategic planning. I believe the functioning of the world as a whole is based on certain strategic plan. Every company and every individual is knowingly or unknowingly is involved in strategic planning. Strategic plans provide a roadmap for success. Even my pursuit of the DBA was based on my own strategic goal – the plan to succeed, grow, and prosper over the years to come.

Any advice for people thinking of furthering their education?

Determination and Consistency are two words that a student should never forget.

You have to be determined that when you start something, you will finish it – in a timely manner. Every individual should have the determination to create and sustain fire in the belly to push forward. And to elevate the level of determination there should be a desperate quest for consistency. You set goals and you will meet goals on consistent basis. Set new goals and begin a new quest and reenergize yourself. Stay focused and don’t limit yourself to a tunnel vision. Consistency is not easy but it is also not impossible.

The day a student considers education to be fun, that very same day, education will feel easy. Of course, there are no short–cuts and there should not be.

It is always important to maintain consistency when you are in the pursuit of knowledge. Be consistent and be eager to gain, be consistent and be eager to learn something new, and be consistent to translate that learning in a concrete idea that can help you to propel into the world of possibilities.

Finally, in the world of Jean Jacques Rousseau – “Plants are shaped by cultivation and men by education. We are born weak, we need strength; we are born totally unprovided, we need aid; we are born stupid, we need judgment. Everything we do not have at our birth and which we need when we are grown is given us by education.(Emile, On Philosophy of Education)

What are your future plans? How are you working to fulfill your future goals?

I am not done yet! I plan to study and continue my education. The continuation may be going back to school taking up courses as it relates to human factors design and usability or cognitive science and how it shapes the world we see. Education is always in my future plans. I want to keep going and not stop. The more knowledge you have the more equipped you are to deal with the modern problems that you encounter every day.

Yes, I love learning but at the same time I want to impart the knowledge as I move forward in life. I want to make a difference for a person, for a project or for a company. Education for me is sharing game. You learn and you share.

After completing my DBA, I plan to add more goals and objectives and will just keep going…maybe forever.

You started the CALUNIVERSITY Student Faculty Lounge (CSFL) on LinkedIn. What motivated you to do this?thomsan

The sole motivation was to meet like-minded students and or faculty from our University. As I said earlier, I like to share knowledge and at the same time I like to hear what others have to share. The perfect medium for that was a networking group and LinkedIn provided that platform – a platform to have open discussion.

Personally, I admire the concept of networking. It is fulfilling and rewarding. The CFSL group has 30+ members but I expect it to grow for years to come. It will provide platform for all the current and more importantly prospective students to seek out information when they are faced with difficult times during pursuit of their degree at CalU.

The group will be there forever; it will store knowledge for years to come for students and faculty alike. I am tempted to look down the line – say 10 years from now and visualize the amount of knowledge the group will create, is mind-blowing. More importantly it will be an open platform – and never to forget “open platform” is the magic word for spreading the wealth of knowledge.

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Alumni Highlight: Arthur Mazhambe

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa. The passion to excel in education drove me to leave Africa for the United States to enroll in college when I was twenty years old. I returned to Africa with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and worked my way to top management in industry in Zimbabwe. At age thirty six I earned a masters degree in strategic management. In 2004 I returned to the United States to teach in college.

Arthur Mazhambe I love soccer, and for several years led the Lancashire Steel Soccer Club as chairman, culminating in the team winning the prestigious Madison Trophy in 1999. I watch European soccer everyday on television and I keep up with events in my country Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa on a daily basis. I aspire to excel as a professor of business, and to avail my best service to the United States and my country Zimbabwe. I love to see college students mature in their understanding of business. Presently, I am involved in Shepherd Ministries International, a Christian ministry with projects in Africa. I love to connect American people, particularly children, with the villagers in Africa; helping to make a difference in the lives of both peoples.

What made you decide to further your education?

I have always aspired to achieve doctoral education, but failed to do so when I was younger due to financial constraints. Later on in my career, I was too much involved in business to concentrate on further education. When I decided to enroll in a doctorate program, the road to making the final commitment was a little winding until I eventually settled for CALUNIVERSITY.

Jillian Price, an admissions advisor at CALUNIVERSITY helped me with lots of information leading to registration as a student. She would not leave me alone, but I told her I would not register until I got evidence that CALUNIVERSITY was properly accredited by the DETC. This accreditation was an essential requirement from my perspective. I insisted on reviewing the qualifications of CALUNIVERSITY’s faculty, and Jillian provided information to my satisfaction.

I began doctoral studies in order to fulfill my ambition to become a doctor, and in the process, become better prepared for classroom teaching and research in business. I would be a very disappointed person if I got to old age without achieving this aspiration. I painfully funded tuition payments from my pocket, but I am grateful to CALUNIVERSITY for the part-scholarship awarded to me during the early part of the program.

Share with us some of your more memorable experiences at CALUNIVERSITY

I always knew that studying at doctoral level was not for everyone, but I found out the hard way as I progressed into the program. The deadlines for submitting weekly assignments caused me to spend many sleepless nights searching scholarly articles and books in the process of writing assignments. Many times I cursed myself for getting into the program, and I quietly cursed CALUNIVERSITY and faculty too!

However, every time I needed help, the faculty members were happy to assist. I thought of quitting a few times along the way. Hats off to Dr. Inserto for staying close to me and counseling me. I had some unique problems which she gladly addressed. The registrar’s office promptly responded to my numerous issues. It was rough staying on course when I was working on projects in Africa. I remember enduring many hours of staying up into the early hours.

Then the capstone doctoral project came! Firstly, I had to rewrite my project plan, then after my project was complete, I had to defend it in front of the Graduate Review Committee. Thankfully the committee concluded that my project was acceptable subject to corrections and some additional work. I worked hard (again), and got the final draft approved, earning the title of doctor, at last. My doctoral project is now summarized in a book titled “Corporate Governance Consultancy” and is available on I am grateful to all my advisors for guiding me throughout the research process.

Attending the graduation ceremony in California was a memorable experience, worth enduring the long flight from my home in Louisiana.

Any advice for people thinking of furthering their education?

I encourage those thinking of furthering their education to make the first step by registering as a student and taking the first module. There will be time and financial sacrifices, but there is no way a doctoral qualification will be handed to someone on a silver plate.

Be prepared to endure a lot of pain and suffering (literally)! The reality is that for many months, family and friends will just have to play second fiddle, and because work demands will always be there, a doctoral student must work and study into night and early hours a good part of the duration of studies. The trick is to hang in there, no matter what. Good time management will help. When writing assignments, it is important to get started by writing the first paragraph and amazingly, ideas start to flow. Leaving writing to the hours close to the deadline only causes stress and poor final product. It is important to persist to the end.

What are your future plans? How are you working to fulfill your future goals?

I plan to excel in academia (both classroom teaching and administration), and in business consultancy. I would like to sit on the boards of firms and engage in other ways in commercial firms.

Writing and publication will be an important goal for me. Presently, I am writing another book. This one is titled “Skills for the Workplace: Student Learning Outcomes for Higher Educational Institutions”.

I also plan to complete a Master of Laws in Commercial Law degree which I left unfinished when I enrolled at CALUNIVERSITY. I am 47 years old now and I must build a financial reserve in the next fifteen years. This means I will have to work hard career-wise but also make use of my intellectual property in whatever form to achieve success.

Tell us more about Corporate Governance Consultancy.

Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled. So, the consultancy part is about experts who assist firms by offering advice and/or trainingbook cover for Corporate Governance Consultancy

I was initially inspired to write about corporate governance having observed the deterioration of firms in my country Zimbabwe during and following several years of turbulent economic, political, and business environments. The doctoral modules in leadership and strategic management helped me to see how top leadership holds the key to success in an organization.

I wrote the book “Corporate Governance Consultancy” as a way to summarize my doctoral project and communicate my research results to interested audience such as students of business and consultants, particularly those with interest in markets in the countries in Southern Africa. The book provides assistance in building a business plan for the consultant.

I am presently writing a book on “Skills for the Workplace: Student Learning Outcomes for Higher Educational Institutions”, and also a book on “Leadership Skills for the Christian Ministry”. Writing is also underway on a children’s book titled “My Friend Luyando in Africa”.

Find out more about Arthur Mazhambe and his book, “Corporate Governance Consultancy” and Amazon.

Dr. Arthur Mazhambe is the recipient of the prestigious DETC Outstanding Graduate 2012 award. The award ceremony will be held during the DETC 86th Annual Conference on April 17th, 2012 at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort and Spa, Maui, Hawaii.

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California Intercontinental University Holds Its First Texas Cluster

March 27, 2012
California Intercontinental University is proud to announce the start of our Student and Alumni Cluster Meetings.These informal get-togethers amongst CALUNIVERSITY students, alumni, and faculty will be held throughout the nation to connect the CALUNIVERSITY community. We will also be hosting virtual clusters for those who are overseas or who are unable to attend a local cluster meeting.

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Student Highlight: Rebecca Scott Young

Tell us a little about yourself. What are you currently working on?

I’m a senior internal accountant, auditor, and investment advisor. Having earned my MBA in human resource management from LaSierra University and my BA in accounting from DeVry University, I manage my own financial and tax services business from home in Moreno Valley, CA. Currently, I’m working on a doctorate degree with an Emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Business Management at CALUNIVERSITY.

One of my hobbies and aspirations is to become a renowned dancer. Aside from just loving to dance; I am compelled to be a positive role model to other people. I want others to know, especially young women today that it’s okay to be educated, to be happy with yourself, your size, and your differences – and to keep striving for your dreams!

What made you decide to further your education?

Perhaps the most important influence that has shaped the person I am today is my upbringing in a traditional Christian family. My family has been an important source of encouragement and inspiration. My parents were both hard-working and giving people, and I’ve been told that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree! My parents always spoke words of encouragement to my siblings and I, so subliminally, those words absorbed within my soul and became a part of me. Therefore, I’ve always wanted to work hard and to be the top of my class. Those words that my parents spoke to me as a child encouraged me as an adult to keep continuing my education. I knew if I wanted to keep advancing in my career and not become stagnant, it was time to go back to school.

Any advice for people thinking of furthering their education?

To anyone who may be “thinking” about furthering their education, my advice to you is… “Do Not Wait!” There will always be something that may try to prevent us from going back, like money, time, fear, family, job, etc; however, when will all those things not be present? Never. Something may always appear like it is in the way or stopping you from starting today. The only one stopping us from moving forward, may be the one we each see in the mirror. Take the first step and the other steps will follow.

Share with us some of your more memorable experiences at CALUNIVERSITY.

From the first day that I applied at California Intercontinental University, I knew it was the right decision. The staff members immediately responded to my questions and concerns and even rendered additional information without being asked. They were always available, and keep me abreast on updates, scholarships, and my courses. I remember when Andrea Clarke from Student Services conducted my initial telephone conference shortly after I enrolled at CALUNIVERSITY. This conference was an opportunity to bring ease to a new student, to clarify any uncertainties, and to minimize the fears or anguish of being a new, returning, or transferring student. Being out of school for eight years and having the one-on-one telephone interview, with Andrea, solidified my decision on returning. My only regret is that I wish I would have started sooner.

You published a book recently. Tell us more about Rich Tip$ for a Lifetime.

Utilizing my educational background and professional experience, I have written a book titled, Rich Tip$ For A Lifetime. I wrote it to teach people how to take care of their spiritual and financial health, so that they can be ready for a better financial future. I myself was financially taken advantage of a long time ago, and that made me determined to be in control of my financial health. I also want my readers to avoid the common mistakes I’ve seen some of my clients make time and time again.

I didn’t want to write a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” book, that was never my goal. Instead, I want to provide solid and professional advice to readers. So in my book, I share simple tips on how to make what you already have go further, stimulate ideas on how to get more for less, and reveal ways to safeguard your financial future. The bottom line is to learn how to have Black Friday 365 days a year!

It is so important to make wise financial decisions, and to establish and follow a set budget, but many people fail to grasp this, or are too intimidated by the idea of taking control. In my book, I have a simplified discussion on saving, ways of creating income, preparing for retirement, and education planning. Rich Tip$ For A Lifetime is a collection of tools and advice that will teach readers how to make their money last. It doesn’t matter if you have one dollar or a million; there is useful advice in my book that will teach you how to make those dollars go further. I hope that by sharing my expertise and what I’ve learnt, I’ll help people attain the emotional stability that comes with financial preparedness.

Any plans on writing more books?

Aside from wanting to educate from my experiences, my husband, Derrick, has been a strong inspiration for writing my book. He recently finished writing a book himself! While he was writing, it hit me that I should write a book on the various tips that I live by and that I advise to other people. I do plan on writing about other things; I want to be a role model, educator, and motivational speaker, so whatever means it takes to achieve that is subject to being utilized. For example, I have also already written a communications and leadership workbook that I utilize when I speak on this subject.

What are your future plans?

There are a few things that I want to accomplish in the near future. I want to obtain a promotional opportunity in an executive management position within the human resources or administration department for my current employer. What interests me most about the human resources and administration management field is promoting equality, diversity, and optimizing the performances of individuals. In addition, I want to become a renowned motivational speaker and life coach. I am working towards this goal, as writing my book has produced stepping stones to that pathway. On this pathway I have been afforded the opportunity to speak on Lifetime’s Balancing Act show this summer.

I look forward to the challenge and reward of educating my readers, while sharing my life experiences along the way.

Find out more about Rebecca and her book, Rich Tip$ for a Lifetime at and Amazon. Tweet Rebecca @RebecaScotYoung

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Alumni Highlight: Kelly Nix

Tell us a little about yourself. What are you currently working on?

I work in a variety of areas. I am employed full-time as Field Content Manager for Children International, a non-profit child sponsorship organization with a presence in 11 countries in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. I have also been a pastor for many years, and I serve as adjunct assistant professor for Hope International University. Besides these regular activities, I offer leadership seminars and provide consulting in strategic planning. Another activity is that I founded a Bible college several years ago that functions via a combination of online course delivery and live weekly lectures by conference call. I currently serve as the director and one of the instructors.

As an educator yourself, how do you see the future of education progressing?

The direction of education, not only in America but around the world, has irreversibly changed in the past decade or so due to the advent of online education. I believe we will see the role of brick-and-mortar institutions decline, while the role of solid, accredited online schools will increase. Online education is a solid business model that offers many advantages over traditional course delivery – advantages that include virtual elimination of campus overhead, the ability to use adjunct faculty instead of tenured professors, the ability for students to participate asynchronously from around the world, etc. While I don’t see traditional schools disappearing (at least not for quite some time still), I believe the validity and importance of online education is fast becoming undeniable.

What made you decide to further your education?

A number of factors contributed to my decision to further my education. I felt that I needed a doctorate to really fulfill my desire to teach at the university level. It would also provide an important credential for consulting work. Additionally, I felt a professional doctorate in Global Business and Leadership would add value to my performance within my organization, Children International.

Who was the greatest influence on this decision?

My inspiration to pursue a doctorate started when I was only 8 or 9 years old. We had a neighbor who was an agricultural researcher, and I remember my mother admonishing us sternly to call him “Doctor” out of respect, because he had worked very hard to earn that title. That instilled in my young mind a very high regard for advanced education. Initially, life did not seem to hold much hope for me in that area, but in my 30s I was able to return to school and complete an MBA. Since I had come that far – and particularly because my employer was willing to invest in my education – there really seemed no excuse for not pushing ahead and turning my childhood dream into reality. And it really helped that I had a mentor at a previous school who helped me believe I could do it…that meant enough to me that I included her in the dedication of my doctoral capstone project.

How was your doctoral capstone experience like at CALUNIVERSITY?

I’ll confess I was a bit weary by the time I reached my final course prior to the capstone! I entered the class thinking it would be an easy course…more of a formality. However, Dr. Jenny Wong brought me back to reality! All of my professors expected high-quality work, which greatly enhanced my regard for the rigor of CALUNIVERSITY’s programs. My current students, however, would probably be happier if I had not had such thorough professors as my example! Once I began the capstone, it took me a little while to realize that the playing field had changed. No longer was I going to be given step-by-step instructions; it was now up to me to take the initiative and prove I was capable of performing at a doctoral level. Once I understood this, I was able to forge ahead and complete the project. My capstone committee was available when I needed guidance, but it was very much up to me to get the job done. The greatest moment of all came at the conclusion of the oral defense, when Dr. Inserto observed that from that moment forward they would address me as “Dr. Nix.” It was one of those moments where you almost need to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming.

What are your future plans? How are you working to fulfill your future goals?

Plans for the near future include expanding my consulting and leadership training activities, as well as writing a book or two. I also hope to expand my activities in teaching, perhaps by gaining extra courses to teach at my current school or finding additional schools to teach for on an adjunct basis.

Any advice for people thinking of furthering their education?

To those who are considering furthering their education…DO IT. Don’t put it off. Every day that you wait is a day later that you will achieve your goal. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses…age, finances, time, or anything else. We routinely make time and find money for the things that are truly important for us, so make it happen. Don’t sit on your porch 20 years from now and think, “What if I had…?”

Any words of wisdom for current CALUNIVERSITY students?

If you are currently a student of California Intercontinental University, you are ultimately the only person who can make your venture a success. There is no substitute for discipline, study, commitment, and hard work. When you feel yourself becoming discouraged, go to CALUNIVERSITY’s website and watch the videos of past years’ graduations. If they did it, you can do it. And if you’re running into obstacles, talk to your mentors at CALUNIVERSITY about it early on, so you don’t end up dropping out from frustration. Chances are they’ll be able to help you work through it and continue with your dream.

Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn

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Military education in the Army

How the U.S. Army is designed to educate its officers in strategy and planning will determine success, or failure, in its efforts to produce and sustain strategic planners. The security challenges that will face the next generation of military leaders demands that action be taken now to reassess and redesign the ways in which the Army educates and develops uniformed professionals, expert in advice-giving on matters related to national policy, national strategy, and experienced in the operational planning and tactical execution of martial actions intended to translate strategic goals into tangible effects. This new information age of warfare reflects a uniquely complex and ambiguous strategic environment. It reveals a graying of the distinctions between the strategic and the tactical levels of war and a growing synchronicity between the martial and extramarital aspects of war. Perhaps at no other time in modern history has the notion of war as a continuation of politics and policy by other means been closer to reality.

Online education information for Army – California Intercontinental University

The professional officer education system needs to accurately and effectively reflect and affect the prevailing epoch of warfare. There are indications (empirical and anecdotal) that the current U.S. Army education system is antiquated; more an example of the past (‘modern’) strategic times than the present and future(‘post-modern’) strategic environment. The modern PME, a derivative of the mechanized age of warfare, is typified by: separate approaches to strategic level education, operational-level education, and tactical level education; differentiated (partitioned) career paths for officers trained in strategy versus operations and tactics; a seniority-based approach to the education and experiential learning of officers in national and grand strategy.

A service-based centricity in its pedagogy; and a military-centric approach to war policymaking and the development of future roles, functions, and missions for military strategic planners. The 2003 complex strategic environment calls for the synthesis of expertise in the three domains of war into one entity: the uniformed strategic planner. To meet this educational end, the current educational ways and means must be assessed, evaluated. Weak spots and points of failure must be identified – all on behalf of retooling the system in ways that facilitate the development of Army experts in national strategic planning.

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The US Military Association Benefits


CALUNIVERSITY delivers a high-caliber education so you can advance your military career or prepare for a new civilian career right now, whether you are overseas or stateside. California Intercontinental University is classified as an Institution of Higher Learning. This allows students to use their VA Benefits and receive the maximum tuition reimbursement amounts. Students wishing to use his or her VA Educational Benefits must enroll in the Academic Term Program. You may also be eligible to receive credit for your military training and prior learning experiences that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE).

Discover your potential, define your future.


For answers to questions regarding eligibility for various entitlement categories, please phone the VA at

Veterans’ Programs

Click here to learn more about eligibility and programs from the VA website.
Click here to download and view the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008.

VA Forms The VA provides an efficient, secure means of applying for education benefits electronically by using the Veterans On-Line Application (VONAAP).


Veterans will only be certified for VA education benefits once they have completed the application and enrollment processes. Veterans may be approved for a 60-day deferment of tuition payments, allowing time for the VA to approve and set up education payments.

Click here for step-by-step procedures on applying for VA benefits.


If you are using education benefits, the School Certifying Official at California Intercontinental University will electronically certify your enrollment status approximately 5 days after your course starts. This certification verifies the number of credits you are taking and how long it took to complete.

Dropped Courses

Students who drop courses may be required by VA to repay benefits received for that class.

Academic Credit Transcripts

California Intercontinental University accepts transfer credit from accredited/approved academic institutions when the course content is deemed to be the equivalent to our own. For evaluation purposes student copies of transcript(s) are acceptable. Official transcripts must be on file at California Intercontinental University before students can begin.

Note: VA does not pay for repeated course(s). Examples: Course(s) when credit may be awarded from another college; academic course credit(s) obtained through a military evaluation; academic credit(s) earned at technical school(s); or any other source where academic credit was granted.

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Professional Military Education

It is Congress’ responsibility, through its authorization of funds and statements of policy, along with the leaders of the Department of Defense (the Department), to ensure that military personnel who are asked to support the national security of the United States are properly prepared and equipped for their missions.

A program for development leading to commissioning and continuing through the length of a career supports the preparation of military officers who lead the armed forces. For the most senior, those with the most responsibility, careers stretch from 20 to 40 years. Officer development programs include providing the right officers the right training, experience, and education at the right time. The principal purpose of professional military education (PME) is to educate officers throughout their careers in preparation for this unique public trust.

The U.S. Armed Forces generally recognize the value of education separate from training, and they place special emphasis on the importance of in-residence officer education. PME contributes to an officer being able to take on responsibilities and challenges commensurate with increases in rank. The services seek to instill competence in core service functions and specific weapon systems in their officer candidates and junior officers. This knowledge is to be broadened to the operational level (combined arms and joint campaigns) for majors and lieutenant colonels (Navy lieutenant commanders and commanders, O-4s and O-5s). Finally, the military requires policy and strategic-level thinking from its colonels and flag officers (O-6 through O-10). Generally, training programs are highly utilitarian while the education system, particularly at the senior level, is intended to develop habits of mind and modes of analysis. As many military leaders have said, “we train for certainty and we educate for uncertainty.” Still, all of the PME courses have elements of both training and education. By and large, the more junior the officers, the heavier the component of training in the courses they take. The more senior the officers, the heavier the education component in their courses.

PME encompasses a diversity of subject matter. Each service is responsible for educating officers in their core competencies according to service needs. Air Force schools, for example, primarily teach air and space warfare. Similarly, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps schools focus on land, maritime, and expeditionary warfare, respectively. The Department depends on the services’ PME to develop officers with these service-specific proficiencies. Over the years, service and joint PME have become intertwined to some measure, which should become evident in the system described in the pages that follow. This is in part due to the services embracing joint operations to the point where multi-service cooperation has become the norm. Joint doctrine in many cases also serves as service doctrine. This assimilation has even extended down to the level of joint tactics, techniques, and procedures. This overlap also gives rise to confusion in discussing, and sometimes equating, PME and JPME.

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