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Student Profile: Vyollette Madrigal

YvolletteMadrigal_PPCalifornia Intercontinental University’s flexible format helps our motivated and committed students balance work, college, and life in order to reach their professional goals. Vyollette Madrigal is one such motivated and committed student who is pursuing and achieving her goals.

A single mother of two, Vyollette says working full-time while also caring for her children didn’t leave much time to pursue her education. As a result, she says, attending an online university—and CIU, specifically—became the “perfect answer” for her busy life.

“I’ve attended other online schools, but attending CIU has been the best choice I’ve ever made,” says Vyollette.

Vyollette, who will graduate in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, plans to pursue a career in accounting. Not only does she appreciate the opportunity to work at her own pace without having to commute to a campus, but she also cherishes the education, encouragement, and support she’s received from CIU’s “amazing” professors.

“The professors are top-notch. They’re the best!” she says. “They’re very helpful and understanding. My advisor has always followed up with me. He motivates me, and is always there whenever I have questions.”

While Vyollette appreciates the instruction and interaction she’s received from CIU’s world-class faculty, she says that support and encouragement extends to her fellow students, as well.

“I’ve learned so much these past few years,” she says. “I thought learning online would be isolating, but on the contrary, every week on the discussion board, I communicate with different students from all over the world.”

Our business, general, healthcare, and IT degree programs are designed to teach our graduates the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in their careers. Vyollette chose CIU because she wanted a better future, and the school has given her the expertise and experience to see that future become a reality

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