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Army and Education

If you are thinking about joining the Army as a way to advance your own education, then after reading this, I hope you’ll at the least take away what a kind of Army education benefits you’ll get out of enrolling for military degrees or degrees sponsored by the military.

The military provides many benefits to active duty service members, including the fact you’ll be able to earn while you learn, because while you’re active duty, you’ll get paid as well as have a chance to get an education. There are many different programs that can provide you with benefits if you’re looking for Army education benefits, but you may receive up to $4,500 worth of tuition fees if you are an active duty service member. You’re also able to dip into the GI bill funds if you’d like, however it’s not recommended to active duty members.

Another option for Army education benefits is to pay off a loan with the CLRP, otherwise known as the College Loan Repayment Program. While taking out a loan seems like a risk, with the military, you’ll receive up to $65,000 to pay off your college loans if you apply for a three year active duty enlistment, simply because you’re a service member. However, with up to $4,500 in Army education benefits coming from the Tuition Assistance program and the Tuition Assistance Top-Up program, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to take out a loan.

With the Tuition Assistance Program, you’ll receive all the Army education benefits you’re going to ever possibly need because the Army pays 100 percent of the necessary fees and tuition costs for active duty service members. Soldiers that are part of the Army Continuing Education program use Tuition Assistance funds to pay for the classes they take when they’re off duty as a chance to advance their education goals without really any costs, or little to none.

So as you can see there are many options when it comes to the Army and education. You can take this information and figure out what’s right for you. You should also consider the possibility of online military colleges. The military offers online classes at many of its colleges that you can attend even if you’re overseas. The opportunities are endless when it comes to education and the army. If you’re still indecisive about joining the army so you can further your education, I’d say the best option you have is to head on down to the local recruiting office and talk to a recruiter to see what kinds of opportunities will be available to you. They’d be able to give you an in depth overview of all the different options you have as far as education goes. Now is the time to serve your country and get a great education for your future!

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