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Alumni Highlight: Arthur Mazhambe

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa. The passion to excel in education drove me to leave Africa for the United States to enroll in college when I was twenty years old. I returned to Africa with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and worked my way to top management in industry in Zimbabwe. At age thirty six I earned a masters degree in strategic management. In 2004 I returned to the United States to teach in college.

Arthur Mazhambe I love soccer, and for several years led the Lancashire Steel Soccer Club as chairman, culminating in the team winning the prestigious Madison Trophy in 1999. I watch European soccer everyday on television and I keep up with events in my country Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa on a daily basis. I aspire to excel as a professor of business, and to avail my best service to the United States and my country Zimbabwe. I love to see college students mature in their understanding of business. Presently, I am involved in Shepherd Ministries International, a Christian ministry with projects in Africa. I love to connect American people, particularly children, with the villagers in Africa; helping to make a difference in the lives of both peoples.

What made you decide to further your education?

I have always aspired to achieve doctoral education, but failed to do so when I was younger due to financial constraints. Later on in my career, I was too much involved in business to concentrate on further education. When I decided to enroll in a doctorate program, the road to making the final commitment was a little winding until I eventually settled for CALUNIVERSITY.

Jillian Price, an admissions advisor at CALUNIVERSITY helped me with lots of information leading to registration as a student. She would not leave me alone, but I told her I would not register until I got evidence that CALUNIVERSITY was properly accredited by the DETC. This accreditation was an essential requirement from my perspective. I insisted on reviewing the qualifications of CALUNIVERSITY’s faculty, and Jillian provided information to my satisfaction.

I began doctoral studies in order to fulfill my ambition to become a doctor, and in the process, become better prepared for classroom teaching and research in business. I would be a very disappointed person if I got to old age without achieving this aspiration. I painfully funded tuition payments from my pocket, but I am grateful to CALUNIVERSITY for the part-scholarship awarded to me during the early part of the program.

Share with us some of your more memorable experiences at CALUNIVERSITY

I always knew that studying at doctoral level was not for everyone, but I found out the hard way as I progressed into the program. The deadlines for submitting weekly assignments caused me to spend many sleepless nights searching scholarly articles and books in the process of writing assignments. Many times I cursed myself for getting into the program, and I quietly cursed CALUNIVERSITY and faculty too!

However, every time I needed help, the faculty members were happy to assist. I thought of quitting a few times along the way. Hats off to Dr. Inserto for staying close to me and counseling me. I had some unique problems which she gladly addressed. The registrar’s office promptly responded to my numerous issues. It was rough staying on course when I was working on projects in Africa. I remember enduring many hours of staying up into the early hours.

Then the capstone doctoral project came! Firstly, I had to rewrite my project plan, then after my project was complete, I had to defend it in front of the Graduate Review Committee. Thankfully the committee concluded that my project was acceptable subject to corrections and some additional work. I worked hard (again), and got the final draft approved, earning the title of doctor, at last. My doctoral project is now summarized in a book titled “Corporate Governance Consultancy” and is available on I am grateful to all my advisors for guiding me throughout the research process.

Attending the graduation ceremony in California was a memorable experience, worth enduring the long flight from my home in Louisiana.

Any advice for people thinking of furthering their education?

I encourage those thinking of furthering their education to make the first step by registering as a student and taking the first module. There will be time and financial sacrifices, but there is no way a doctoral qualification will be handed to someone on a silver plate.

Be prepared to endure a lot of pain and suffering (literally)! The reality is that for many months, family and friends will just have to play second fiddle, and because work demands will always be there, a doctoral student must work and study into night and early hours a good part of the duration of studies. The trick is to hang in there, no matter what. Good time management will help. When writing assignments, it is important to get started by writing the first paragraph and amazingly, ideas start to flow. Leaving writing to the hours close to the deadline only causes stress and poor final product. It is important to persist to the end.

What are your future plans? How are you working to fulfill your future goals?

I plan to excel in academia (both classroom teaching and administration), and in business consultancy. I would like to sit on the boards of firms and engage in other ways in commercial firms.

Writing and publication will be an important goal for me. Presently, I am writing another book. This one is titled “Skills for the Workplace: Student Learning Outcomes for Higher Educational Institutions”.

I also plan to complete a Master of Laws in Commercial Law degree which I left unfinished when I enrolled at CALUNIVERSITY. I am 47 years old now and I must build a financial reserve in the next fifteen years. This means I will have to work hard career-wise but also make use of my intellectual property in whatever form to achieve success.

Tell us more about Corporate Governance Consultancy.

Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled. So, the consultancy part is about experts who assist firms by offering advice and/or trainingbook cover for Corporate Governance Consultancy

I was initially inspired to write about corporate governance having observed the deterioration of firms in my country Zimbabwe during and following several years of turbulent economic, political, and business environments. The doctoral modules in leadership and strategic management helped me to see how top leadership holds the key to success in an organization.

I wrote the book “Corporate Governance Consultancy” as a way to summarize my doctoral project and communicate my research results to interested audience such as students of business and consultants, particularly those with interest in markets in the countries in Southern Africa. The book provides assistance in building a business plan for the consultant.

I am presently writing a book on “Skills for the Workplace: Student Learning Outcomes for Higher Educational Institutions”, and also a book on “Leadership Skills for the Christian Ministry”. Writing is also underway on a children’s book titled “My Friend Luyando in Africa”.

Find out more about Arthur Mazhambe and his book, “Corporate Governance Consultancy” and Amazon.

Dr. Arthur Mazhambe is the recipient of the prestigious DETC Outstanding Graduate 2012 award. The award ceremony will be held during the DETC 86th Annual Conference on April 17th, 2012 at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort and Spa, Maui, Hawaii.

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