Admissions FAQ

Admissions FAQ

Admissions FAQs for Online Degrees

FAQ Online Degrees Programs

Is a degree online as effective as on campus?

Yes! More than 3.2 million adult professionals are already pursuing graduate degrees through online degree learning programs.  CALUNIVERSITY degree programs offer exclusive course content and unique delivery modes which are convenient for your individual educational and lifestyle needs.

Can I complete all of the required course work online?

All courses are accessible online and course assignments are submitted through our LearnCenter; In house residency is not required for any program. You will never have to step foot on campus —- unless you wish to walk with your graduating class!

Will I be earning a degree from an accredited university?

Yes. California Intercontinental University is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) (1601, 18th Street, NW, Suite 2, Washington, DC 20009; (202) 234-5100, fax (202) 332-1386) to award Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in Business Administration.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation means that an institution of higher education has met the criteria reflecting the qualities of a sound educational program, as delineated by the United States Department of Education.

What if I need help with my course work?

You will have many academic support tools available to you. Your first and best resource is your course instructor. Other resources include your assigned faculty mentor, the Dean of the program, classmates and the online library.

What if I need help choosing classes or understanding my degree plan?

If you have a specific question about a course, you can contact your academic advisor by phone, email or Skype. You will be able to discuss your program progress and any questions you may have. California Intercontinental University provides you with a high level of personal service and support. Any non-academic or technical questions can be addressed by your student services representative and our technical support staff.

Admission FAQ

Will I have to take exams?

Your grade will be based on assignments evaluated by faculty. These assignments may be in the form of papers, case studies, business plans, and examinations. The evaluation process will be conducted in the same media formats in which the course is presented. It will not be necessary to travel to a testing location or make arrangements for private proctoring of any examinations.

When do I need to start the program?

We have flexible start dates for all our degree programs. Speak with our Advisors or apply now to start your enrollment to California Intercontinental University!

Will my actual degree reflect that it was earned online?

No. There is no distinction made on the degree. Your degree is awarded based on competency and successfully meeting academic requirements, not upon geographic location or residency.

Will my credits from other schools transfer?

California Intercontinental University accepts transfer credits from accredited colleges and universities. Student transcripts are individually assessed by the Registrar based on a course-by-course evaluation for similar topic and content and for courses closely approximating the units as those offered by California Intercontinental University.

What kind of computer do I have to use?

You may access your Student Portal and LearnCenter with all of the popular web browsers and an internet connection. For technical requirements please visit the Technical Requirements Page.

Is financial aid available?

Yes. California Intercontinental University does offer financial aid. For more information on Financial Aid please visit our Financial Aid FAQ here.

Is military tuition assistance available?

Yes. CALUNIVERSITY degrees are approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA). In addition, you may be eligible for military tuition assistance (TA). The education coordinator at your installation can answer questions about your military educational benefits. You can also get further information at

How do I get my required course materials?

eTextbooks and Digital Course Materials are located in the Student LearnCenter. Your student advisor will provide you with a book list for all your courses. You may choose to purchase hard copies from any reputable textbook vendor.

Can I pay for my courses with employer tuition assistance?

Yes. Employer tuition assistance is accepted. Because California Intercontinental University is accredited, employers recognize our degrees and may provide employee tuition reimbursement. Please direct questions regarding your employer’s tuition assistance policy to your personnel or human resources director, or call your CALUNIVERSITY Admissions Advisor.

If I earn my degree online, may I attend the graduation ceremony on campus?

Yes. California Intercontinental University welcomes you to take part in graduation ceremonies on campus once you have completed your degree. In fact, you have an open invitation to visit California Intercontinental University’s main Irvine campus anytime you wish. You may feel free to contact your student advisor for the specific details and dates of your graduation ceremony.

How do I get started?

From your first phone call or email to California Intercontinental University, you will be assigned an Admissions Advisor who will guide and support you throughout your application and enrollment process. Our Admissions Advisors are ready and willing to help you through every step you take toward earning your academic degree and achieving your personal and professional goals.

How do I know that I am admitted to the program?

Your online application is an indication of your interest in the program. To be officially admitted all documents and transcripts must be reviewed and approved and you must be registered for your first class. A formal letter of admission will then be sent to your email account. Please note that individual situations vary and your admissions advisor can confirm where you are in the process.

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