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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Soldier Joins Top Three Percent of Americans With Master’s of Business Administration

Only three percent of Americans hold doctoral or professional degrees, which is what makes one Fort Campbell soldier, Staff Sgt. Juan Carlos Gachet, among the United States elite. Gachet, a soldier of 20 years, is also a husband, father and immigrant. The 47-year-old’s accomplishments are not only honorable; they’re proof that education is within reach for all military personnel.
 gachetGachet began pursuing his higher education in the 1990s, graduating from the University of Maryland with an associate degree. “When I joined the army I set this education trend, and I set goals,” Gachet said to the Fort Campbell Courier. These goals had a quick snowball effect, as Gachet completed a second associate degree in 1999, this time in Business Management, then continued his education in the field. He received his Bachelor’s in Business Management in 2002 and a Master’s of Business Administration in 2008.He attributes his success to his own determination and the support of his family, but also the financial assistance provided by the Army. “Every Soldier should take advantage of these benefits,” said Gachet. “[It] will help them to further… their career. Or if they decide to leave, at least [they’ll leave] with a degree in hand.”

Gachet’s feelings are exactly why California Intercontinental University supports our troops and encourages our military service men and women to use their VA and GI Bill education benefits at our school. Contact us today to follow your dream, and join Gachet and the three percent of Americans.

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