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Academic Honors Program Implemented in Term 6!

It is our very great pleasure to announce our Academic Honors Program that provides an opportunity for our California Intercontinental University students to be recognized for academic excellence in their coursework.

All enrolled CALUNIVERSITY students who have completed one semester and are in good standing and pursuing a degree program are eligible to receive academic honors and recognition on a quarterly basis. We have created three tiers of student academic recognition based on the academic merit of our student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA):

Abdullal, Manal  KothaVenkata, Anil Kumar Reddy 
Alnabulsi, Walid  Kushner, Martha L
Babineaux-Alexis, Katie A LaBonne, Awilda M
Bake, Mark A Lang, Harold K
Balanow, Timothy  Lewis, John J
Bayou, Alemeshet  Li, Feng 
Beckman, Timothy A Lo, Boua Ger 
Berry, Rita  Mwangi, Sarah W
Boayue, Joseph W Nielsen, Bent N
Breuer, Jennifer P Paiva, Mahealani S
Charlet, Angela  Perard, Romual 
Coniglio, Stanley  Perry Sr., Ignatius B
Conrad, Craig J Phan, Brian T
Craft, Dean E Pope, Richard K
Curran, Rebecca L Qamar, Tahir 
Dominguez III, Joseph A Rainey, Eboni S
Drysdale, Barbara L Rivas, Luis D
Edgar, Donald L Rodriguez, David 
Farquharson, Marlon O Ruangwan, Wongsatit 
Flemons, Tammy  Sayakhot, Padapxay 
Gaborik, Stephen C Shanahan, Robert 
Gembala, Kimberly A Sivakumaran, Sarumathi 
Gentry, James M Sjostrom, Teresa M
Granatelli, Dean V Small, Crystal V
Hargroves, Robert  Smith-Gullette, Rhonda Y
Jean, Natasha M Swift, Darrel 
Jolly, David J Trent, James A
Jones, Amber D Vainshtein, Beryl A
Kimble, David A Younes, Ahmad 
Kirby, Matthew R
Heard, Mark C Ravare-Jones, Pamela
Hunter, Mellody C Robayya, Mohammad H
Iglesias, Sebastian  Schmidt, Shamba L
Jackson, Darrylzette S Seiwert, Penny L
Jefferson, Thomas  Sengonul, Cafer Can 
Leoncio, Katrina Joy S Shearer, John E
Maldonado, Kelli L Shrivastava, Nitin 
Marshall, Ingrid  Siva, Janani 
Mathis, Bill Smith, Nikedra R
Mistry, Kinjal R Sumpter, Anthony 
Olaniyan, Olusegun M Washington, Andre 
Olsen, Sheila E Willett, Penny 
Rammandala, Chaminda L
Agu, Paul C Leathers, Jacqueline 
Banmah, Erasmus E Macek, Tristina 
Beaubrun, Anne Mutchelle  Makita, Joachim 
Boothe, Dorrett M Marsh, Eric J
De La Calzada, Iris Luanne M Owolabi, Clement A
Galvan, Valentin Phillips, Debra G
Garcia, Anel  Quenum, Alfred F
Hinkle, George  Rodriguez, Nancy 
Holland, Sherry G Rosenfeld, Ellen 
Huffman, Emma J Shaik, Aseema 
Khan, Nasreen  Whitfield, Kipchoge K
Kyaw, Khaing L

We are so proud to recognize our students who have achieved academic excellence in their scholarly activities. All recipients have been recognized and received written congratulations from either the President, Chief Academic Officer or the Dean. Students who maintain this GPA throughout their program are eligible for the Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society upon graduation.

We look forward to continued opportunities to recognize and motivate our outstanding students at California Intercontinental University!

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